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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does one page in Ella's fairy tale book tell her?
(a) Her family history.
(b) A prediction of tomorrow's weather.
(c) The current activities of certain people.
(d) Herbal tea recipes.

2. When Hattie is only able to tell the truth, what does Ella ask her?
(a) What Hattie is afraid of.
(b) Why she is mean to Areida.
(c) What he biggest secret it.
(d) Where her mother's necklace is.

3. Which of the following is Ella NOT forced to do by Hattie?
(a) Sneak food from the kitchen.
(b) Rub Hattie's feet.
(c) Mend Hattie's clothes.
(d) Pick a bouquet.

4. When does Ella find herself surrounded by ogres?
(a) Around midnight.
(b) When she wakes in the morning.
(c) Just after leaving the elves.
(d) Two hours into her journey.

5. What does Areida sneak for Ella from dinner?
(a) A roll.
(b) A carrot.
(c) A pork chop.
(d) A tart.

Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of creature is Apple?

2. How does Ella's father react when Ella says she dislikes Olga's daughters?

3. What does the grandmother gnome prophesize Ella will someday do?

4. How many girls does Ella share her room with in Chapter 10?

5. What makes Ella happy on her journey to the country of the giants?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Ella save herself from the group of ogres that intends to eat her?

2. Where do Ella and Char find a tiny pair of slippers? What do Ella and Char do after Ella put on the slippers?

3. Why does Sir Peter leave not long after marrying Dame Olga? Where does he tell Ella he will go?

4. After finding out about Sir Peter's financial situation, what does Dame Olga tell Ella?

5. What chores does Ella have to do after moving in with Dame Olga and her daughters?

6. How do Ella's mother and Mandy react to the gift bestowed on baby Ella? Why can't the magic be undone?

7. Why does the elves give Ella a piece of Elfian art?

8. What gift does Lucinda bestow on Sir Peter and Dame Olga? How does Sir Peter react?

9. What terrible thing does Ella consider might happen if she married Prince Char?

10. What happens when Ella tells one of her playmates about her curse?

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