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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mandy clean up from the floor in Chapter 4?
(a) A pie.
(b) A broken egg.
(c) A puddle of mud.
(d) A bowl.

2. In Chapter 6, what does Ella impress the Prince with her skill for?
(a) Identifying plants and herbs.
(b) Horseback riding.
(c) Picking up magical languages.
(d) Singing.

3. What do the knights do to stop the ogres from attacking?
(a) Blind them.
(b) Tie them up.
(c) Kill them.
(d) Put a spell on them.

4. What does Mandy reveal to Ella in Chapter 4?
(a) That ogres have been seen in the area.
(b) That she knows how to break Ella's curse.
(c) That she is her fairy god mother.
(d) That Ella's father has been knighted.

5. What does the grandmother gnome prophesize Ella will someday do?
(a) Earn her family a fortune.
(b) Rule a vast kingdom.
(c) Save many people.
(d) Endanger someone she loves.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the ogre do when it takes a look at Ella?

2. What does Ella's text book display in Chapter 12?

3. What about Ella annoys her teachers?

4. What happens when Ella gives Hattie the fairy tale book to look at?

5. What does Mandy give to Ella at night when she is crying in bed?

Short Essay Questions

1. What event does Ella learn that her father will be attending from her magic book? Who is supposed to be at the event, and what does Ella decide to do after reading about her father's plans?

2. Who does Ella's father introduce her to when she returns to the funeral? What does Ella think of these people?

3. What begins to pursue the coach on the journey to the girls' finishing school? How do they escape?

4. What is Ella's reply when Hattie asks her why she is friends with Areida? What does Hattie do in response?

5. Why does the elves give Ella a piece of Elfian art?

6. Where does Ella go before she is to be sent away to school? What does she see there, and who does she meet?

7. What does Mandy confess in Chapter 4? Why did Mandy keep her identity a secret?

8. What does Ella discover about her book of fairy tales while she is on the journey to her finishing school?

9. How does Ella explain her willingness to obey the ogre to Char in Chapter 7?

10. What happens when Ella tells one of her playmates about her curse?

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