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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When does Ella find herself surrounded by ogres?
(a) Just after leaving the elves.
(b) Around midnight.
(c) Two hours into her journey.
(d) When she wakes in the morning.

2. What does the grandmother gnome warn Ella about?
(a) Three people who cannot be trusted.
(b) A nearby ogre den.
(c) That the fairy Lucinda is insane.
(d) That life at school may be difficult.

3. What does Ella do when her playmate takes advantage of Ella's curse?
(a) Ella cries for hours.
(b) Ella runs away.
(c) Ella traps her playmate in a closet.
(d) Ella punches her.

4. What gift does Lucinda give Ella on the day she is born?
(a) Beauty.
(b) Honesty.
(c) Eternal youth.
(d) Obedience.

5. For what reason does Ella's father send for her in Chapter 5?
(a) To get Ella away from the ogre danger.
(b) To get to know Ella.
(c) He plans to arrange her marriage.
(d) So Ella can meet his family.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 6, what does Ella impress the Prince with her skill for?

2. What does Areida's father do?

3. What item do the elves give Ella because she shows appreciation for it?

4. What does Mandy clean up from the floor in Chapter 4?

5. What event does Ella discover her father will be attending?

Short Essay Questions

1. After arriving at school, why is Ella able to quickly pick up on all of her subjects?

2. Where does Sir Peter want to send Ella with Hattie and Olive? Why?

3. When Ella asks Hattie why she hates her, how does she know Hattie is telling the truth? What reasons does Hattie give for hating Ella?

4. How does Ella save herself from the group of ogres that intends to eat her?

5. Who comes along to help after Ella stops the ogres from eating her?

6. What begins to pursue the coach on the journey to the girls' finishing school? How do they escape?

7. What does Mandy explain were the reasons why Eleanor married Sir Peter?

8. How does Ella feel when she tries to disobey orders given to her?

9. What is Ella's reply when Hattie asks her why she is friends with Areida? What does Hattie do in response?

10. What happens when Ella tells one of her playmates about her curse?

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