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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are ogres known for?
(a) Their weakness for chocolate.
(b) Their persuasiveness.
(c) Their stupidity.
(d) Their violence.

2. What nice thing does the Prince say about Ella's mother?
(a) That she was very generous.
(b) That she was very beautiful.
(c) That she always made him laugh.
(d) That she was kind.

3. What does Ella realize Hattie must wear?
(a) A girdle.
(b) Fake jewels.
(c) Shoes that are too small.
(d) A wig.

4. What does Hattie tell Ella to give her on their way to school?
(a) Ella's jam bun.
(b) Ella's hairpin.
(c) Ella's cushion.
(d) Ella's mother's necklace.

5. When Hattie is only able to tell the truth, what does she admit is her greatest desire?
(a) To have a true friend.
(b) To travel to another country.
(c) To be queen.
(d) To get better grades that Olive.

Short Answer Questions

1. What item do the elves give Ella because she shows appreciation for it?

2. What does the ogre tell Ella to do?

3. What does Char rescue from getting too close to the ogre?

4. What does Areida's father do?

5. After hearing Ella's explanation for why she obeyed the ogre, what does Prince Char think?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where does Ella go before she is to be sent away to school? What does she see there, and who does she meet?

2. Why does Ella have tiny feet?

3. How does Ella say she was able to get the baby gnome to follow her? What does the grandmother gnome prophesize about Ella's future?

4. What does Ella learn about Hattie's hair from her magic book?

5. When Ella asks Hattie why she hates her, how does she know Hattie is telling the truth? What reasons does Hattie give for hating Ella?

6. What begins to pursue the coach on the journey to the girls' finishing school? How do they escape?

7. How does Ella acquire bread and directions in Chapter 13?

8. After arriving at school, why is Ella able to quickly pick up on all of her subjects?

9. What is Ella's reply when Hattie asks her why she is friends with Areida? What does Hattie do in response?

10. Who comes along to help after Ella stops the ogres from eating her?

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