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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who helps Ella send Prince Char a letter?
(a) Areida.
(b) Sir Peter.
(c) Lucinda.
(d) Mandy.

2. What does Mandy order Ella to do after the mushrooms wear off?
(a) Not to feel happy about obeying orders.
(b) Run away.
(c) Rest in bed for a few days.
(d) Stay away from her suitor.

3. In total, how long does Lucinda agree to follow Mandy's dare for?
(a) 6 months.
(b) Two weeks.
(c) Eight months.
(d) One year.

4. What does Mandy present Ella with as a gift on the night of the final ball?
(a) A tiara.
(b) A pair of glass slippers.
(c) A locket.
(d) A portrait.

5. How is Lucinda described?
(a) As drowning in robes.
(b) As very petite.
(c) As wearing a lot of makeup.
(d) As fantastically beautiful.

6. Which guest(s) at her father's wedding does Ella try her best to avoid?
(a) Lucinda.
(b) Prince Char.
(c) The giant couple.
(d) Her crazy old uncle.

7. What does Char ask Ella in one of his letters?
(a) If she trusts her father.
(b) If Dame Olga is mistreating her.
(c) If she has ever travelled outside the kingdom.
(d) If she will marry him.

8. What did Lucinda do to someone who asked her to take back one of her gifts?
(a) She turned them into a squirrel.
(b) She turned them into a rat.
(c) She turned them into a boar.
(d) She turned them into a fish.

9. Why does Prince Char think Ella wears a mask?
(a) Because she is disfigured.
(b) Because she is ugly.
(c) Because she is a criminal on the run.
(d) Because she is shy.

10. Whose writing does Ella mimic to write a letter to Prince Char?
(a) Hattie's.
(b) Her father's.
(c) The King's.
(d) Dame Olga's.

11. Why has Sir Peter decided against marrying Ella to her suitor?
(a) He wants to try to marry Ella to a royal.
(b) The suitor showed more interest in Mandy.
(c) The suitor is not as rich as Sir Peter thought.
(d) The suitor was too old.

12. How does Ella punish her stepmother and sisters for their treatment of her?
(a) She does not invite them to her wedding.
(b) She publicly mocks them.
(c) She banishes them from the kingdom.
(d) She has them killed.

13. Why does Dame Olga agree to let Ella be Mandy's scullery maid?
(a) Olga doesn't really care.
(b) Olga wants to see Ella around the house less.
(c) Olga loves Mandy's cooking.
(d) Olga thinks the job will be tough.

14. What does Ella try to imagine in Chapter 19?
(a) Getting revenge on Hattie.
(b) Being married to an old man.
(c) Life without her curse.
(d) Being married to Char.

15. What does Ella look for in order to locate the fairy guests?
(a) Wings.
(b) Tiny feet.
(c) Colorful hair.
(d) Sparkles in the air.

Short Answer Questions

1. After seeing what Lucinda is like, how does Ella feel?

2. Where does Ella weep in Chapter 25?

3. What does Mandy dare Lucinda to do?

4. Under the influence of the mushrooms, what does Ella think of her suitor?

5. What does Lucinda realize it is terrible to live as?

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