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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 10-12.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Ella tells a playmate about her curse, what does her playmate make Ella to?
(a) Leave her house.
(b) Fight with other girls.
(c) Lose races.
(d) Steal candy.

2. Which of the following is Ella NOT forced to do by Hattie?
(a) Mend Hattie's clothes.
(b) Pick a bouquet.
(c) Sneak food from the kitchen.
(d) Rub Hattie's feet.

3. What does Mandy clean up from the floor in Chapter 4?
(a) A puddle of mud.
(b) A bowl.
(c) A pie.
(d) A broken egg.

4. Why is the grandmother gnome surprised when Ella and Char return the baby?
(a) Humans usually don't show gnomes kindness.
(b) Humans have a hard time finding gnome homes.
(c) Ella was able to get the baby to follow her.
(d) She didn't know the baby was gone.

5. In Chapter 6, what does Ella impress the Prince with her skill for?
(a) Picking up magical languages.
(b) Identifying plants and herbs.
(c) Singing.
(d) Horseback riding.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the grandmother gnome prophesize Ella will someday do?

2. What about Ella annoys her teachers?

3. What does Hattie not allow Ella to do for three days?

4. After hearing Ella's explanation for why she obeyed the ogre, what does Prince Char think?

5. How many girls does Ella share her room with in Chapter 10?

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