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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 7-9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Lucinda?
(a) A fairy.
(b) A witch.
(c) A pixie.
(d) A ghost.

2. How does Ella's father react when Ella says she dislikes Olga's daughters?
(a) He laughs.
(b) He is shocked.
(c) He is angry.
(d) He grunts.

3. What does Mandy say many people are frightened of in Chapter 4?
(a) Being alone.
(b) Goblins.
(c) The King.
(d) Fairy magic.

4. Where does Ella go in Chapter 6?
(a) The harbor.
(b) Her treehouse.
(c) The King's menagerie.
(d) The secret hideaway.

5. When Ella tells a playmate about her curse, what does her playmate make Ella to?
(a) Steal candy.
(b) Lose races.
(c) Leave her house.
(d) Fight with other girls.

Short Answer Questions

1. What stops Ella from getting any closer to the ogre in Chapter 7?

2. Why is Lucinda a unique fairy?

3. After the incident with Ella's playmate, what does Ella's mother order her to do?

4. What does Ella discover about her book of fairy tales?

5. In Chapter 6, what does Ella impress the Prince with her skill for?

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