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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 7-9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After hearing Ella's explanation for why she obeyed the ogre, what does Prince Char think?
(a) That he will have to protect Ella.
(b) The ogres have found a new way to control people.
(c) That Ella must be crazy.
(d) That he should help Ella break her curse.

2. What does Ella's father note about her in Chapter 5?
(a) That she is clumsy.
(b) That she is a fast learner.
(c) That she is too short.
(d) That she is dimwitted.

3. What does Ella do when her playmate takes advantage of Ella's curse?
(a) Ella punches her.
(b) Ella traps her playmate in a closet.
(c) Ella cries for hours.
(d) Ella runs away.

4. Who do Ella's mother and Mandy think might be able to break Lucinda's magic?
(a) Ella's fairy godmother.
(b) The queen of the fairies.
(c) The King.
(d) Ella herself.

5. Why does Ella's father tell her to leave her mother's funeral?
(a) So she can change into a dress for mourning.
(b) Children are not allowed at funerals.
(c) Lucinda is expected to appear.
(d) She is making too much noise crying.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Hattie tell Ella to give her on their way to school?

2. What is Ella's father's name?

3. For what reason does Ella's father send for her in Chapter 5?

4. What does Mandy reveal to Ella in Chapter 4?

5. What stops Ella from getting any closer to the ogre in Chapter 7?

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