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Lady Eleanor's Necklace - This is what Hattie forces Ella to give her on their way to finishing school.

Ella's Manor - This is where Ella and her mother love to slide down a long banister.

Finishing School in Jenn - This is where Ella is sent so that she can become less clumsy.

The Castle - This is where Ella's father gets married.

Ayortha - This is where princes of Char's kingdom traditionally spend a year.

Kyrria - This is the kingdom Ella lives in.

Ella's Glass Slippers - This is what Ella finds in a garden shed.

The Royal Palace - This is where three balls are held.

Dame Olga's House - This is where Ella stays in servants' quarters.

Ella's Fairy Book - This is what allows Ella to see what is going on in the world around her, and read letters and diary...

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