Ella Enchanted Character Descriptions

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Character Descriptions

Ella - This character is the cursed protagonist of the story.

Lucinda - This character gives the protagonist the magical gift of obedience.

Prince Charmont - This character asks the protagonist to marry him/her in a letter.

Lady Eleanor - This character slips into an imaginary fairyland before dying.

Sir Peter - This character cares only about money.

Dame Olga - This character has two unlikeable daughters.

Hattie - This character asks the protagonist for her mother's necklace.

Olive - This character is greedy for stories, white cake and coins.

Mandy - This character uses magic to cook wonderful food.

Areida - This character is an outcast because he/she is foreign and poor.

Apple - This is a centaur colt.

Sir Stephan - This character helps the protagonist to the giants' wedding.

Edmund - This character is an old earl.

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