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Chapters 1-3

• Lucinda the eccentric fairy gives Ella the gift of obedience when she is born.

• Ella is cursed to do whatever anyone tells her to for the rest of her life.

• If Ella tries to resist an order she feels sicker by the moment until she finally obeys.

• After a playmate takes advantage of Ella's curse, Ella's mother orders her never to tell anyone about it again.

• Ella knows she has a fairy godmother but her mother will not tell her who or where she is.

• Lady Eleanor dies.

• Ella is distraught at her mother's funeral - her father sends her away to compose herself.

• Ella meets Prince Charmant.

• Ella's father introduces her to a woman named Dame Olga and her daughters Hattie and Olive. Ella dislikes the family.

Chapters 4-6

• Mandy reveals that she is Ella's fairy godmother.

• Mandy tells Ella she has a little bit...

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