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Elizabeth Jenkins
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does the Spanish Ambassador Don Gerau de Spies plot to marry to Mary Stuart to restore Catholicism to England?
(a) The Duke of Norfolk.
(b) The Earl of Leicester.
(c) The Duke of Alva.
(d) King Philip of Spain.

2. How does the author say teeth are cleaned during Queen Elizabeth's lifetime?
(a) By rinsing the mouth with water and salt.
(b) Teeth were never cleaned then.
(c) By rubbing them with a cloth and using a toothpick.
(d) By using a toothbrush just like people today use.

3. When Mary Stuart demands that Queen Elizabeth send her clothes suitable for her position, what does one of Elizabeth's maids send Mary?
(a) A golden, pearl-studded dress.
(b) A needle and thread to sew her own clothing.
(c) A patched and ragged dress.
(d) Two worn-out chemises, a length of black velvet, and shoes.

4. When representatives of Parliament beg the queen to marry, who does Queen Elizabeth claim to already be married to?
(a) The Kingdom of England.
(b) Lord Robert Dudley.
(c) Sir William Cecil.
(d) Sir Christopher Hatton.

5. Who marries his son to Lady Jane Grey because of her place in the line of succession to the throne of England?
(a) Thomas Seymour.
(b) Sir Francis Drake.
(c) Philip Sidney.
(d) The Duke of Northumberland.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Queen Elizabeth hesitates to intervene in the Protestant rebellion in Scotland, how does William Cecil persuade her to take action?

2. What does the author say the aim of the book is in the introduction?

3. How old is Elizabeth when she becomes queen of England?

4. The Scottish Lords expect to find English Catholics waiting to rise and overthrow Elizabeth's government with them, but what do they find instead?

5. Which of the following statements does not describe an effect the pope's actions against Queen Elizabeth have on English Catholics?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Queen Elizabeth sidestep the issue of marrying when Parliament raises it?

2. By the time Queen Elizabeth is 60 years-old, what trait has become more pronounced in her?

3. Discuss Queen Elizabeth's coronation. How do the people of England accept her at the beginning of her reign?

4. Who is Dr. Dee and why does Queen Elizabeth want to see his speculum of magic glass?

5. As Queen Elizabeth ages and her old advisors die and are replaced, what kind of man is the queen most fond of and does this fondness differ from the kind of men she was fond of in her youth?

6. Explain how Queen Elizabeth's payment of the debts owed the City of London by King Henry VIII and King Edward VI increase her popularity with her people.

7. Discuss the Earl of Essex's failures in Ireland.

8. What is the author's intention in writing <i>Elizabeth the Great</i>? How does her intention affect the shape of the book?

9. What is Elizabeth's relationship with her brother, King Edward VI, like?

10. Discuss Queen Elizabeth's seizing of Spanish gold chests and the retaliation against England by Spain.

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