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Elizabeth Jenkins
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Queen Elizabeth react when she receives word that Mary Stuart has been beheaded?
(a) She laughs.
(b) She prays for Mary's soul.
(c) She faints.
(d) She weeps.

2. Who will finance the invasion Mary Stuart anticipates?
(a) Catherine de Medici.
(b) The Duke of Guise.
(c) King James of Scotland.
(d) The King of Spain.

3. Who is assassinated in 1584?
(a) Catherine de Medici.
(b) William of Orange.
(c) Prince Alenzon.
(d) King Philip of Spain.

4. When the Irish rebellion becomes urgent, who does Queen Elizabeth initially want to send to Ireland?
(a) The Earl of Essex.
(b) Francis Bacon.
(c) Robert Cecil.
(d) Mountjoy.

5. When the Earl of Leicester marries in 1578, what step does his bride's father take to ensure the marriage is legal?
(a) He threatens to kill Leicester if no wedding occurs.
(b) He asks the queen to attend the ceremony.
(c) He insists on witnessing the ceremony.
(d) He brings the priest to marry the couple himself.

6. To whom does Queen Elizabeth confide in Chapter 21 that she hates the idea of marriage more every day?
(a) The Earl of Leicester.
(b) The Earl of Sussex.
(c) Sir Philip Sidney.
(d) Sir Francis Walsingham.

7. What famous poem does Sir Philip Sidney write in honor of the woman he loves?
(a) Astrophel and Stella.
(b) Silver Fairies and Golden Gnomes,
(c) Love Song to an Enchantress.
(d) Beloved.

8. At the end of Chapter 26, how does Queen Elizabeth tell her Privy Council to convert Catholics to Protestants?
(a) By torture.
(b) By their swords.
(c) By burning or hanging them.
(d) By the example of their lives.

9. What name does Queen Elizabeth give what Sir Thomas Gresham establishes in London in 1571?
(a) Elizabeth's Exchange.
(b) Silk and Satin.
(c) The Royal Exchange.
(d) Princess Printing.

10. When Queen Elizabeth does not renew a tax on sweet wines that the Earl of Essex depends on for his income, what does Essex do?
(a) He begs the queen for a loan.
(b) He publicly insults the queen.
(c) He becomes a pirate.
(d) He goes back to Ireland.

11. Who has a medal made to commemorate the Massacre of St. Bartholomew?
(a) Queen Elizabeth.
(b) Catherine de Medici.
(c) The Pope.
(d) Mary Stuart.

12. How old is Queen Elizabeth when she dies?
(a) 60.
(b) 69.
(c) 73.
(d) 80.

13. What gift does the Earl of Leicester send Queen Elizabeth on New Year's day in 1580 to distract her from marrying Prince Alenzon?
(a) A new horse.
(b) Gold buttons with diamonds and rubies on them.
(c) A diamond necklace.
(d) A pearl necklace.

14. To what does Queen Elizabeth ascribe her safety despite so many plots to kill her?
(a) To God's protection.
(b) To her Navy.
(c) To her soldiers.
(d) To her Privy Council.

15. Why does Spain attack France in Chapter 27 of <i>Elizabeth the Great</i>?
(a) They want revenge for French attacks on Spain.
(b) They want to restore Catholicism to Protestant France.
(c) They want to conquer the world.
(d) They want the French crown for Philip of Spain's daughter.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Lady Lennox arrange a marriage with for her son Lord Charles Stuart, a claimant to the English throne?

2. What is Queen Elizabeth's appetite like at 60 years-old?

3. What does Sir Thomas Gresham establish in London on Cornhill in 1571?

4. In Chapter 26, what are Queen Elizabeth's new young advisors interested in instead of her?

5. Who marries Lord Sheffield's widow four days before she gives birth to his son?

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