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Elizabeth Jenkins
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Alenzon respond when Queen Elizabeth says she will not marry him after having promised to do so?
(a) He declares war on England.
(b) He says he would rather they both die if he cannot have her.
(c) He marries Mary Stuart.
(d) He kills himself.

2. Why does King Philip of Spain think England is his territory?
(a) His mother was an English princess.
(b) Mary Stuart bequeathed it to him.
(c) God has given it to him to restore it to Catholicism.
(d) The Pope has given it to him in God's name.

3. How does Lord Burleigh suggest that Queen Elizabeth rid herself of Alenzon when the prince insists they must marry as she promised?
(a) Marry him or pay him a lot of money.
(b) Help him seize the French throne from his brother.
(c) Offer him Mary Stuart as a bride.
(d) Have him assassinated.

4. What poet writes Queen Elizabeth about the disadvantages of marrying Prince Alenzon?
(a) Byron.
(b) Shelley.
(c) Sir Philip Sidney.
(d) Shakespeare.

5. Who does Queen Elizabeth name as her successor?
(a) Lord Charles Stuart.
(b) King James of Scotland.
(c) King Philip of Spain.
(d) Lettice Devereux.

6. Which of the following statements does not describe Queen Elizabeth at age 60 years-old?
(a) She is missing some teeth on the left side of her mouth.
(b) She wears wigs a darker red than her own hair.
(c) Although wrinkled, her skin is still flawless white.
(d) She has gained a lot of weight.

7. After 1588, a cult develops in Europe exalting Queen Elizabeth to supernatural status as what deities?
(a) Isis and Freya.
(b) Ceridwen and Demeter.
(c) Athena and Hera.
(d) Diana or Cynthia, goddess of chastity and moonlight.

8. Who does Lady Lennox arrange a marriage with for her son Lord Charles Stuart, a claimant to the English throne?
(a) Catherine de Medici.
(b) Catherine Grey.
(c) Mary Stuart.
(d) Elizabeth Cavendish.

9. What does Queen Elizabeth ask to see when she visits Dr. John Dee at the beginning of Chapter 18?
(a) His new wife.
(b) His speculum of magic glass.
(c) his Spanish gold.
(d) His new horses.

10. When rebellion starts in Ireland, who gets angry when Queen Elizabeth sends his uncle to Ireland to handle the situation instead of sending another man he recommends?
(a) The Earl of Essex.
(b) Francis Bacon.
(c) Robert Cecil.
(d) Sir Christopher Hatton.

11. Why does Queen Elizabeth refuse the Prince of Orange's request to become queen of additional lands?
(a) The lands are too poor to interest her.
(b) Doing so would put England at open war with Spain.
(c) The lands are too infested with pirates to interest her.
(d) She would have to marry him to become the queen.

12. What is the Earl of Essex charged with in Chapter 29?
(a) Disobedience to the queen.
(b) Murder.
(c) Theft.
(d) High treason.

13. Who marries Lord Sheffield's widow four days before she gives birth to his son?
(a) The Duke of Anjou.
(b) The Earl of Essex.
(c) King Philip of Spain.
(d) The Earl of Leicester.

14. What countries do skilled workers in things like felt, thread, lace, and silk come from, bringing their thriving trades with them?
(a) China and Japan.
(b) Italy and Spain.
(c) The Netherlands and France.
(d) Germany and Sweden.

15. What skin disease has been thought from the time of Edward the Confessor to be curable by the sovereign's touch?
(a) Vitiligo.
(b) Scrofula, a tubercular skin infection.
(c) Leprosy.
(d) Warts.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Queen Elizabeth decide to do with Alenzon?

2. With whom does Sir Philip Sidney fall in love?

3. What does Sir Thomas Gresham establish in London on Cornhill in 1571?

4. What famous poem does Sir Philip Sidney write in honor of the woman he loves?

5. Who do the English blame for the Massacre of St. Bartholomew?

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