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Elizabeth Jenkins
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When the Earl of Essex hides in his house and refuses to answer a summons to appear before the Privy Council, what do Lord Nottingham and Sir Henry Sidney do to get him to come out?
(a) Send for kegs of gunpowder to blow up his house.
(b) Threaten his children.
(c) Lie and say he will not be arrested if he comes to them.
(d) Have Queen Elizabeth persuade him.

2. Who do the English blame for the Massacre of St. Bartholomew?
(a) King Philip of Spain.
(b) The Pope.
(c) Mary Stuart.
(d) Catherine de Medici.

3. Who marries Lord Sheffield's widow four days before she gives birth to his son?
(a) The Duke of Anjou.
(b) The Earl of Essex.
(c) The Earl of Leicester.
(d) King Philip of Spain.

4. With whom does Sir Philip Sidney fall in love?
(a) Lettice Devereux.
(b) Queen Elizabeth.
(c) Elizabeth Cavendish.
(d) Penelope Devereux.

5. At the end of Chapter 26, how does Queen Elizabeth tell her Privy Council to convert Catholics to Protestants?
(a) By their swords.
(b) By burning or hanging them.
(c) By the example of their lives.
(d) By torture.

6. Who is suspected of poisoning Lord Sheffield at the end of Chapter 16?
(a) The Duke of Norfolk.
(b) Sir Francis Walsingham.
(c) Lord Burleigh.
(d) The Earl of Leicester.

7. How does the Pope respond when two English noblemen ask if assassinating Queen Elizabeth is a sin?
(a) He says sending her out of the world is God's work, not sin.
(b) He says murder is a sin, no matter who is murdered.
(c) He asks English Catholics to rise against the queen.
(d) He hires the two nobles to kill the queen.

8. When Queen Elizabeth orders the Earl of Essex to stay in Ireland and carry out his orders, what does he do?
(a) He ignores her commands and returns to England.
(b) He joins Tyrone's rebellion against the queen.
(c) He obeys her commands.
(d) He runs away to France.

9. What does Sir Thomas Gresham establish in London on Cornhill in 1571?
(a) A glass-making shop.
(b) A silk cloth manufacturing firm.
(c) A printing shop.
(d) A seat of commercial exchange.

10. With what married woman and cousin of Queen Elizabeth does the Earl of Leicester have an affair?
(a) Lady Mary Sidney.
(b) Lettice Devereux.
(c) Catherine Grey.
(d) Lady Lennox.

11. In Chapter 26, what are Queen Elizabeth's new young advisors interested in instead of her?
(a) Fame.
(b) Court life.
(c) Younger women.
(d) Her position.

12. When Queen Elizabeth has an abscessed tooth but fears to have her tooth pulled, what convinces her to consent to have the procedure done?
(a) Her abscess causes a high fever that threatens her life.
(b) The Bishop of London has his tooth pulled as an example.
(c) The Earl of Leicester offers to pull the tooth for her.
(d) Herbs can put her to sleep for the procedure.

13. Which of the following statements does not describe Queen Elizabeth at age 60 years-old?
(a) Although wrinkled, her skin is still flawless white.
(b) She has gained a lot of weight.
(c) She is missing some teeth on the left side of her mouth.
(d) She wears wigs a darker red than her own hair.

14. When the Church of England is criticized for appointing incompetent clergy, which of the following is not the kind of man Queen Elizabeth advises the bishops to appoint?
(a) Men who can preach to the people.
(b) Men who can read the Scriptures to the people.
(c) Former Catholic priests trained in Latin.
(d) Honest, sober, and wise men.

15. When rebellion starts in Ireland, who gets angry when Queen Elizabeth sends his uncle to Ireland to handle the situation instead of sending another man he recommends?
(a) Robert Cecil.
(b) Francis Bacon.
(c) Sir Christopher Hatton.
(d) The Earl of Essex.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Queen Elizabeth do with the treasure Francis Drake brings home from Spanish ships his pirates have looted?

2. How old is Queen Elizabeth when she dies?

3. When Queen Elizabeth is 40 years-old, what trait has become more pronounced in her?

4. What is the Babington plot?

5. What does Queen Elizabeth decide to do with Alenzon?

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