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Elizabeth Jenkins
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 23.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What invasion is Mary Stuart anticipating at the beginning of Chapter 22?
(a) An invasion of Scotland by Queen Elizabeth.
(b) An invasion of England on her behalf by Spain.
(c) An invastion of France by Scotland.
(d) An invastion of England by Scottish Lords.

2. When Amy Dudley is found at the bottom of a staircase with a broken neck, who is immediately suspected of murdering her?
(a) William Cecil.
(b) Sir Christopher Hammond.
(c) Her husband, Lord Robert Dudley.
(d) Mary Stuart.

3. Who is assassinated in 1584?
(a) William of Orange.
(b) King Philip of Spain.
(c) Catherine de Medici.
(d) Prince Alenzon.

4. Who will finance the invasion Mary Stuart anticipates?
(a) Catherine de Medici.
(b) King James of Scotland.
(c) The King of Spain.
(d) The Duke of Guise.

5. What does the French ambassador tell the Spanish ambassador about the way Queen Elizabeth spent New Year's Night in 1566?
(a) He says she slept with the Earl of Leicester that night.
(b) He says she danced and played the virginals.
(c) He says she watched a play.
(d) He says she got drunk.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who tries to seize Princess Mary and Princess Elizabeth after King Edward's death, proclaiming Lady Jane Grey as queen of England in place of Henry VIII's daughters?

2. When Queen Elizabeth hesitates to intervene in the Protestant rebellion in Scotland, how does William Cecil persuade her to take action?

3. What happens to Lord Darnley in Edinburgh the day before he marries Mary Stuart?

4. If Mary Stuart agrees to accept the husband Queen Elizabeth suggests for her, what might Elizabeth consent to do for Mary?

5. What name does Queen Elizabeth give what Sir Thomas Gresham establishes in London in 1571?

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