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Elizabeth Jenkins
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 12.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to some books on heraldry of the period, what do the colors Queen Elizabeth tells Don Guzman de Silva are hers represent?
(a) Perpetual virginity.
(b) Prosperity.
(c) Royalty.
(d) Victory in war.

2. In whom does Mary Stuart confide when her marriage to Lord Darnley becomes unhappy?
(a) Rizzio, her Italian secretary.
(b) Queen Elizabeth of England.
(c) Lady Lennox.
(d) Sir William Cecil.

3. In Chapter 2 of <i>Elizabeth the Great</i>, who appoints himself Duke of Somerset and Protector and advisor to young King Edward after King Henry VIII's death?
(a) Robert Dudley, the Earl of Leicester.
(b) Thomas Seymour, brother of the young king's dead mother.
(c) Sir Christopher Hatton.
(d) Edward Seymour, brother of the young king's dead mother.

4. Who does Queen Elizabeth suggest as a potential husband for Mary Stuart?
(a) King Philip of Spain.
(b) Lord Robert Dudley.
(c) Sir William Cecil.
(d) Lord Darnley.

5. Whose household does Princess Elizabeth live in after her father's death?
(a) Her stepmother, Catherine Parr, the Queen Dowager.
(b) Her half sister, Mary Tudor.
(c) The Duke of Somerset.
(d) Mary Stuart.

Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of ships is the English channel swarming with at the beginning of Chapter 12?

2. How old is Elizabeth when she becomes queen of England?

3. When representatives of Parliament beg the queen to marry, who does Queen Elizabeth claim to already be married to?

4. What does the author say the aim of the book is in the introduction?

5. Which of the following actions does not occur in response to what Queen Elizabeth does with the cargo of the four Spanish ships?

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