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Elizabeth Jenkins
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who tries to seize Princess Mary and Princess Elizabeth after King Edward's death, proclaiming Lady Jane Grey as queen of England in place of Henry VIII's daughters?
(a) The Duke of Northumberland.
(b) The Earl of Essex.
(c) Lady Jane Grey.
(d) Sir Philip Sidney.

2. What happens to Princess Elizabeth's mother when the princess is just a toddler?
(a) She drowns at sea while traveling with the king.
(b) She is accused of adultery and treason and beheaded.
(c) She dies in childbirth.
(d) She dies of smallpox.

3. Who keeps Princess Elizabeth from her dying brother's bedside and intercepts her correspondence to the young king?
(a) The Earl of Essex.
(b) The Duke of Northumberland.
(c) Thomas Seymour.
(d) Edward Seymour.

4. What religion does Catherine Parr encourage Princess Elizabeth and Prince Edward to study?
(a) Islam.
(b) Catholicism.
(c) Judaism.
(d) The Reformed Church.

5. What does the author say the aim of the book is in the introduction?
(a) To show how similar Elizabeth I was to her father Henry VIII.
(b) To record the history of the Tudor dynasty.
(c) To earn the author a doctoral degree.
(d) To collect interesting personal information about Elizabeth I.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many people attend the state banquet in Westminster hall to celebrate Queen Elizabeth's coronation?

2. What happens when Mary Stuart desires to return to Scotland through England?

3. Where does the author say she gets her information about the queen from?

4. What is William Cecil's relationship with Elizabeth in Chapter 4?

5. According to King Henry's will, what is the order of succession to the throne?

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