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Elizabeth Jenkins
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 24.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Queen Elizabeth suggest as a potential husband for Mary Stuart?
(a) King Philip of Spain.
(b) Lord Robert Dudley.
(c) Lord Darnley.
(d) Sir William Cecil.

2. To whom does Queen Elizabeth give the Earldom of Leicester?
(a) Sir William Cecil.
(b) Edward Courtenay.
(c) Lord Darnley.
(d) Lord Robert Dudley.

3. Who becomes the ruler of England after King Henry VIII's death when Elizabeth is 14 years-old?
(a) Lady Jane Grey.
(b) Elizabeth's nine-year-old half brother, Edward.
(c) Mary Stuart.
(d) Elizabeth's 27 year-old half sister, Mary Tudor.

4. With whom does Sir Philip Sidney fall in love?
(a) Lettice Devereux.
(b) Penelope Devereux.
(c) Queen Elizabeth.
(d) Elizabeth Cavendish.

5. When the Church of England is criticized for appointing incompetent clergy, which of the following is not the kind of man Queen Elizabeth advises the bishops to appoint?
(a) Men who can read the Scriptures to the people.
(b) Men who can preach to the people.
(c) Honest, sober, and wise men.
(d) Former Catholic priests trained in Latin.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who ends up in the Tower instead of the princesses because of the attempt to put Lady Jane Grey on the throne?

2. What physical ailment on Queen Elizabeth's leg heals in 1578?

3. The Scottish Lords expect to find English Catholics waiting to rise and overthrow Elizabeth's government with them, but what do they find instead?

4. Who marries Lord Sheffield's widow four days before she gives birth to his son?

5. Who tries to seize Princess Mary and Princess Elizabeth after King Edward's death, proclaiming Lady Jane Grey as queen of England in place of Henry VIII's daughters?

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