Elizabeth the Great Fun Activities

Elizabeth Jenkins
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Paint a Miniature

Imagine you are Nicholas Hilliard or another painter in Queen Elizabeth's court. Using watercolors, paint a miniature portrait of the queen or one of her prospective husbands.

Write a Journal Entry

Select any scene from Elizabeth the Great and write a journal entry describing that scene from the perspective of the Earl of Leicester, the Earl of Essex, Sir Christopher Hatton, Lord Burleigh or any of the other men in Queen Elizabeth's life.

Compose a Secret Letter

Espionage was an integral component of Elizabethan court life. Imagine you are Mary Stuart or Lord Norfolk or any of the other characters in Queen Elizabeth's life who engages in espionage and the writing of secret letters and ciphers in their plotting against Elizabeth. Write a letter involving your plot against the queen. The letter can be in code or not. If it is in code, also provide...

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