Elizabeth the Great Character Descriptions

Elizabeth Jenkins
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Anne of Cleves - This character married for reasons of international diplomacy but the marriage was annulled in 1540, after only six months.

Roger Ascham - This character was a private tutor in Greek and Latin and composed official letters to foreign political leaders.

Anthony Babington - This character was the Catholic leader of an attempted royal murder plot who, along with six others, was executed for high treason.

Bloody Mary - See Queen Mary I

Anne Boleyn - This character was accused of adultery, tried, and beheaded.

James Bothwell - This character was suspected of plotting a murder in 1567 by having the victim's house blown up and strangling him to death.

Catherine of Aragon - This character's marriage was annulled, but the pope refused to issue the annulment and the character's royal spouse procured the annulment through English clergy in 1533. This action led to the English...

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