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Anne Somerset
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who did Elizabeth I allow to enter Scotland with an army?
(a) Howard.
(b) Sussex.
(c) Philip.
(d) Cecil.

2. What did Alencon become in 1580?
(a) Prince of Scotland.
(b) Prince of Spain.
(c) Prince of the Netherlands.
(d) Prince of France.

3. What did James of Scotland want?
(a) To take Spain.
(b) To rule with his mother.
(c) To continue on to English throne.
(d) To kill Elizabeth I.

4. Where did Essex meet King Henry?
(a) Rennes.
(b) Provence.
(c) Aquitaine.
(d) Normandy.

5. Who did Leicester marry in 1578?
(a) The countess of Norfolk.
(b) The countess of Howard.
(c) The countess of Somerset.
(d) The countess of Essex.

6. What did the British government think Catholicism would do given enough time, according to Chapter 11?
(a) Experience a resurgence.
(b) Move south.
(c) Expand throughout England.
(d) Die out.

7. When did Charles IX die?
(a) March 1574.
(b) May 1574.
(c) April 1574.
(d) June 1574.

8. How many Catholics were executed during Elizabeth I's reign?
(a) 583.
(b) 383.
(c) 283.
(d) 183.

9. What did the government fear Catholics would do in case of an invasion of England?
(a) Kill all of the Protestants.
(b) Side with the Pope against the Queen.
(c) Kill Elizabeth I.
(d) Side with Mary.

10. How old was Walter Raleigh when he arrived at Elizabeth's court?
(a) Late teens.
(b) Early 20's.
(c) Mid-20's.
(d) Late 20's.

11. Who succeeded Charles IX?
(a) Henry II.
(b) Henry IV.
(c) Henry I.
(d) Henry III.

12. Who was James taken prisoner by?
(a) The Lords Enterprise.
(b) The Earl of Sussex.
(c) Lord Essex.
(d) The French.

13. What happened to James after his capture?
(a) He blackmailed his captor.
(b) He hid.
(c) He escaped.
(d) He killed all of his captors.

14. What event prompted the British to send troops to the Netherlands?
(a) The death of the Prince of Orange.
(b) The death of Mary Queen of Scots.
(c) A massacre.
(d) The capture of James.

15. Why did Elizabeth I often change residences?
(a) Because of the stench of the court.
(b) Because of the demand on the food supply.
(c) Because of the threat of rebellions.
(d) Because of boredom.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where did Philip accept Protestantism?

2. What honor did Elizabeth sparingly hand out according to Chapter 10?

3. Why did Archduke Charles refuse to marry Elizabeth?

4. Where did the British navy and the Spanish Armada fight after the failure of the peace treaty?

5. Who did Elizabeth I open talks with France to marry?

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