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Anne Somerset
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who did Elizabeth I refuse to marry?
(a) The King of Aragon.
(b) The Prince of Orange.
(c) King Philip of Spain.
(d) The King of France.

2. What country was Mary Queen of Scots also the Queen of?
(a) Netherlands.
(b) Germany.
(c) Spain.
(d) France.

3. When did Edward contract tuberculosis?
(a) 1554.
(b) 1555.
(c) 1553.
(d) 1552.

4. What terms were in the treaty between France and England over Scotland?
(a) Mary would not claim the English throne.
(b) Mary would leave England.
(c) Mary would marry Lord Dudley.
(d) Mary would renounce the Scottish throne.

5. What did Elizabeth I decide her husband had to be, according to Chapter 4?
(a) Of royal blood.
(b) Catholic.
(c) A widower.
(d) British.

6. Who was France's regent in 1562?
(a) Catherine of Aquitaine.
(b) Catherine of Valois.
(c) Catherine de Medicis.
(d) Catherine of Aragon.

7. What would have been the only positive thing that Elizabeth I would gain by taking a husband?
(a) It would have stopped the Privy Council's request.
(b) An heir.
(c) A lover.
(d) A release from the stress of power.

8. How many men of the Privy Council did Elizabeth I keep that were under Mary?
(a) 7.
(b) 8.
(c) 12.
(d) 10.

9. What started after the Papal absolution of England's repudiation of Rome?
(a) The Holy War.
(b) The excommunication of all followers of the Queen.
(c) The Inquisition.
(d) The Nine Years War.

10. Where was Elizabeth I formally crowned Queen?
(a) Westminster Abbey.
(b) Whitehall Palace.
(c) Tower of London.
(d) Richmond Wallace.

11. What did the Act of Restraint of Appeals prohibit?
(a) The king from divorcing.
(b) Women from appealing divorce.
(c) Men from executing their wives.
(d) Appeals to Rome for divorces.

12. Who did Elizabeth Iselect as Archbishop of Canterbury?
(a) Matthew Parkson.
(b) Matthew Pason.
(c) Matthew Parker.
(d) Matthew Parks.

13. Who did Elizabeth I first stay with after arriving in London?
(a) Lord Notting.
(b) Lord Norton.
(c) Lord Richmond.
(d) Lord North.

14. Who was Elizabeth's companion even as his wife was in the country?
(a) Lord Essex.
(b) Lord Norfolk.
(c) Lord Dudley.
(d) Lord Sussex.

15. Who plotted against Mary's wedding plans?
(a) Philip of Spain.
(b) Seymour.
(c) Edward Courtenay.
(d) Cecil.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who did Elizabeth I name to be protector of the kingdom in case she was incapacitated for a long period of time?

2. When was Elizabeth proclaimed Queen according to Chapter 4?

3. Who pressured Elizabeth I to marry and name a successor?

4. What capacity was Sir William Cecil appointed to?

5. When was Mary proclaimed Queen of England?

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