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Anne Somerset
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who continued his pursuit of Elizabeth I as she was looking for a husband?
(a) Leiceister.
(b) Earl of Sussex.
(c) Duke of Norfolk.
(d) Lord Essex.

2. Who did Henry VIII need to have approval from to have his marriage dissolved, according to Chapter 1?
(a) The Queen Mother.
(b) His personal chaplain.
(c) Pope Clement VII.
(d) Parliament.

3. What did Parliament do after meeting in 1553?
(a) Banished Mary from England.
(b) Revoked Henry VIII's divorce of Catherine of Aragon.
(c) Revoked Elizabeth's right to the throne.
(d) Reinstated Catholicism as the official religion.

4. What did Elizabeth I give to Dudley to make him more interesting in Mary's eyes?
(a) The title of Regent.
(b) The title of Governor.
(c) The title of Earl.
(d) The title of Duke.

5. Who did Mary want to marry?
(a) Philip of Portugal.
(b) Henry of France.
(c) Philip of Spain.
(d) Henry X of England.

6. What was the Privy Council in charge of?
(a) Creating policies.
(b) Implementing policies.
(c) Finding a spouse for Elizabeth I.
(d) Uncovering plots.

7. Who thought that Darnley marrying Mary would strengthen Mary's claim to the throne?
(a) Cecil.
(b) Elizabeth I.
(c) Parliament.
(d) The Privy Council.

8. What would have been the only positive thing that Elizabeth I would gain by taking a husband?
(a) A release from the stress of power.
(b) A lover.
(c) It would have stopped the Privy Council's request.
(d) An heir.

9. Who ousted the Lord Protector?
(a) John Dudley.
(b) Lord Sussex.
(c) Duke of Wellington.
(d) Lord Essex.

10. When did Baron Seymour of Sudeley marry?
(a) 1547.
(b) 1549.
(c) 1548.
(d) 1550.

11. Who was supposed to rule England during Edward's minority according to Chapter 2?
(a) Parliament.
(b) Henry VIII's brother.
(c) The Privy Council.
(d) Elizabeth.

12. What would happen if Elizabeth I was to marry Dudley?
(a) The country would be plunged into civil war.
(b) Elizabeth I and Dudley would be executed.
(c) Elizabeth I would be overthrown.
(d) The country would seek to kill Dudley.

13. What did Cecil think was the only solution to squash Mary's claim to the throne?
(a) To grant her a divorce.
(b) To execute her.
(c) To marry.
(d) To name her illegitimate.

14. What was Mary warned about Elizabeth when she met her?
(a) That she was a danger.
(b) That she would be a rebel.
(c) That she was good for the people.
(d) That she would want to steal her husband.

15. How old was Elizabeth when she was crowned Queen?
(a) 26 years old.
(b) 23 years old.
(c) 22 years old.
(d) 25 years old.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happened to Anne Boleyn after her trial for adultery?

2. Who did Baron Seymour of Sudeley marry?

3. Who did Elizabeth study with?

4. Who was Emperor Charles V?

5. When was James born?

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