Elizabeth I Character Descriptions

Anne Somerset
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Elizabeth I

This person's mother was beheaded while she was a baby.

Mary I

This person hoped to restore Catholicism to England.

Mary Stuart

This person became a rival in her bid to be named presumptive heir, was known as the Queen of Scots, and had a son named James.

Sir William Cecil

This person was the Principal Secretary of State, born in 1520, and was educated at Stamford Grammar School and St. John's College.

Edward VI

This person embraced Protestantism and contracted tuberculosis, dying on July 8, 1553.

Robert Dudley

This person was a married adviser and received the name Earl of Leicester to make him more attractive to potential women.

Sir Francis Walsingham

This person was a Protestant, a member of the Privy Council, represented the Queen in her marriage negotiations, and was in the service of the monarch since 1568.

Walter Raleigh

This person was born in Devonshire, volunteered...

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