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Objective: Little Hut: A Sicilian Sketch In "Little Hut: A Sicilian Sketch", Pirandello divides the story into three sections. The first is at sunrise, the second is near sunset, and the third is after dark. This lesson will discuss the simplicity of arranging this short story in three sections to help move the action of the text.

1) 1.Group Discussion: Divide the class into groups, and have them discuss the way that "Little Hut" is divided into three sections. What happens in the first section of "Little Hut"? What happens in the last section of "Little Hut"? Do you think that Pirandello intentionally arranges his story in a simple, three-part manner?

2.Class Debate: Divide the class in half, and have one side argue that the three sections of "Little Hut" make the plot action even more simple than it already is. Let the other half of the class...

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