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Paulo Coelho
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Short Answer Questions

1. How long does Maria work in the draper's shop?

2. What does Ralf say about sex to Maria?

3. Where does Maria work after she finishes school?

4. What is Maria's life compared to in Chapter 9?

5. Why does Maria take a stroll?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Maria determine about men after the modeling agency calls again about the fashion show?

2. Describe what Maria does to become better educated about her new profession?

3. Describe where Maria goes after leaving her first job?

4. Explain how the roller coaster Maria sees is like her life.

5. Describe the categories Maria gives to her different types of customers.

6. Describe what the girls at Copacabana advise Maria on and her reaction to it?

7. What do Maria's parents do for a living and how does it affect her home?

8. Describe Maria's opinion about boys at the end of her adolescent years.

9. Describe the three roles Maria takes when she works.

10. What is significant about what Maria remembers the girls at Roger's club telling her?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Explain how the history of prostitution is prevalent throughout the novel.

Essay Topic 2

Discuss how Coelho uses dramatic irony when the librarian lectures Maria about her new knowledge on sex.

Essay Topic 3

Discuss how the absence of Maria's father could have influenced her ease in assimilating to a life of prostitution?

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