Eleven Minutes Short Essay - Answer Key

Paulo Coelho
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1. Describe why Maria leaves her hometown in Brazil.

Maria leaves her hometown in Brazil in search of adventure and love. She finds adventure in Geneva amidst experiences of pain, pleasure, love and uncertainty.

2. Describe how the novel begins.

The novel begins with the author introducing a prostitute named Maria. She compares her to all prostitutes in that they are born innocent and desire to be rescued by a man, get married and have children.

3. What do Maria's parents do for a living and how does it affect her home?

Maria's mother is a seamstress while her father is a traveling salesman. Herr father is absent much of her childhood, but his presence remains strong because of the Latin culture and importance they place on the male in family.

4. Describe why Maria gets angry when her first love speaks to her.

Maria gets so angry when her first love asks her for a pencil. She finds that he breaks the romantic spell they created by not talking.

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