Objects & Places from Eleven Minutes

Paulo Coelho
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Draper's shop

This is where Maria works for two years before leaving on vacation.

Rio de Janeiro

This is a city in Brazil where Maria vacations.


This area is famous for beautiful beaches and nightclubs and is where Maria begins to work.

The Little Prince

This is a French children's book.

Rue de Berne

This is known for nightclubs, restaurants and adult entertainment venues.

Fruit juice cocktail

The prostitutes are served this.

The library

Maria visits this place frequently to research topics of interest.

Ralf's house

This is where Maria goes one evening and spends some very erotic encounters.

The Road to Santiago

This is a well-traveled route for devout pilgrims going to Spain in search of religious beliefs.

Terence's hotel suite

This is where Maria goes twice for sadomasochistic sexual rituals.

Whip, handcuffs, mouth gag

These are used to both humiliate and inflict pain on Maria...

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