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Bernard Pomerance
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Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following members of royalty makes an appearance in Merrick's hospital room?

2. At which theatrical theater does the Prince of Wales own his own boxed seat?

3. What does the Prince of Wales admire most in Treves?

4. While Treves and Merrick are talking, why does the porter enter Merrick's room?

5. Which book did Merrick study as a child?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the symbolism of the model church that Merrick is working toward completing?

2. Why does Ross come to visit Merrick in the hospital?

3. In his letter to the editor, what does Gomm say will happen to Merrick's finances?

4. What event is happening outside of Merrick's window when a talkative nursing attendant brings Merrick his lunch upon the completion of Merrick's model church?

5. How is Merrick treated by the police officers on his travels back to London?

6. During their argument about Heaven, what reasons does Treves give Merrick for sending Mrs. Kendal away?

7. How does Treves respond to Ross' call for the Elephant Man?

8. Which high society members come to visit with Merrick during the height of his popularity, what types of gifts do they leave for him?

9. How does Treves describe the Elephant Man to his audience during his first lecture?

10. Why does Treves find himself having an emotional meltdown at the BIshop's feet after discussing Merrick's impending death?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Many of the characters in the play seem to feel a moral obligation to care for Merrick. This moral obligation could arise from religious views or other personality traits. Choose two characters who feel drawn to care for Merrick and explain the reasons behind their moral obligations. How does this obligation affect each of the character's relationships with the man they first set out to help?

Essay Topic 2

The medical community in London has varying views on John Merrick and his condition. Choose two characters who provide opposite beliefs about John Merrick's condition and describe each side of their argument. How does the medical debate over John Merrick's condition culminate in the climax of the play?

Essay Topic 3

The church that Merrick is designing has huge symbolic significance in his life. Explain what the church represents both physically and spiritually to Merrick. Then, explain how the construction of the church mirrors the growth Merrick experiences throughout the course of the play.

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