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Bernard Pomerance
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Short Answer Questions

1. To what city has Treves relocated at the beginning of the play?

2. Why does Merrick claim to have left London?

3. What does Treves tell Merrick is the one thing that will make him happy during his stay in the hospital?

4. How many characters enter the stage to discuss the similarities they feel with Merrick?

5. Who does Merrick consider his best friend, and the one visitor whose time he most appreciates?

Short Essay Questions

1. During his analysis of Treves' body, what notes does Merrick make about Treves' left hand?

2. Who is Mrs. Kendal?

3. In what ways does role reversal come into play when Treves has a dream about the freak show?

4. How much money does Merrick save while working for Ross, and what happens to that savings?

5. What does Merrick despise about married men?

6. During the dream, what statemtents does Gomm make about "good men" and what should happen to them?

7. Why does Treves find himself having an emotional meltdown at the BIshop's feet after discussing Merrick's impending death?

8. How does Gomm react to the news that Lord John has stolen from Merrick?

9. Who are the pinheads?

10. How does Mrs. Kendal respond to Treves' proposal that she befriend Merrick?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The Elephant Man is described in the first few scenes of the play as having extreme deformities, which Treves describes at great detail for his audience. Briefly describe the deformities that the Elephant Man suffers from and why he received the nickname that he did.

Essay Topic 2

Because the Elephant Man was such an oddity in the world, many people stood to profit from him. Choose two characters who profited from their relationship with John Merrick in the play, and then discuss how each of these characters treated the Elephant Man throughout the course of their relationship.

Essay Topic 3

Each of the scenes within the play has its own title. Choose two scenes with particularly memorable titles and explain what themes were presented in that scene. As a reader, how do the scene titles function within the text of the play as a whole?

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