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Bernard Pomerance
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the pinheads encourage Merrick to do, resulting in his death?
(a) Press his pillow to his face.
(b) Hold his breath.
(c) Drink a bottle of poison.
(d) Lie on his back.

2. What is the general focus of the letter published after Merrick's death?
(a) Funeral arrangements.
(b) Words of remembrance.
(c) Finances.
(d) Merrick's medical files.

3. What does Merrick read in the bible that makes him excited to die?
(a) That the blind will be made to see.
(b) That the poor shall become the rich.
(c) That the meek will inherit the earth.
(d) That God will make the crooked straight.

4. Who reads Treves the letter written after Merrick's death?
(a) Mrs. Kendal.
(b) Mrs. Sandwich.
(c) The Bishop.
(d) Gomm.

5. As Treves is weeping at the Bishop's feet, what announcement does Merrick make?
(a) He would like to return to the freak show.
(b) He has finished his model.
(c) He is ready to die.
(d) He is leaving the hospital.

Short Answer Questions

1. What are the final words of the play?

2. What does Treves come running back into the room to say about Merrick?

3. During his argument with Merrick, what does Treves repeatedly ask him?

4. Which part of Merrick's name is printed incorrectly in the letter?

5. During his analysis, what part of Treves' body does Merrick pay special attention to?

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