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Bernard Pomerance
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which event passes in front of Merrick's window as he is visiting with the nursing attendant?
(a) A baptism.
(b) A graduation.
(c) A wedding.
(d) A funeral.

2. During Ross' visit, what does Merrick compare himself to?
(a) A dog.
(b) A pig.
(c) A worm.
(d) A whore.

3. In the dream, what does Gomm say about "good men"?
(a) That they are exploited just as easily as nasty men.
(b) That he has met only one "good man" during the course of his life.
(c) That they shouldn't be exploited.
(d) That they should be exploited for their niavite.

4. About what does Ross taunt Merrick when he knows he has lost the debate with him?
(a) Being unable to speak properly.
(b) Being terribly ugly.
(c) Being with a woman.
(d) Being a charity case.

5. During his analysis, which of the following words does Merrick use to describe Treves' condition?
(a) Profound.
(b) Isolated.
(c) Singular.
(d) Epidemic.

6. During his argument with Treves, what word does Merrick constantly ask the definition of?
(a) "Proper".
(b) "Love".
(c) "Death".
(d) "Friendship".

7. Why does Merrick say that he cannot forgive Ross?
(a) Because he was too kind to him.
(b) Because he robbed him.
(c) Because he beat him.
(d) Because he humiliated him.

8. When Treves brushes past Mrs. Kendal in the hospital, which of the following finishes his sentence, "This is a hospital, not a ___________"?
(a) Opera hall.
(b) Marketplace.
(c) Tea party.
(d) Theater.

9. How does the Bishop feel about his prayer sessions with Merrick?
(a) He finds them boring.
(b) He finds them troublesome.
(c) He finds them very moving.
(d) He finds them terrifying.

10. What does Merrick insinuate is collecting on his neck, making it unbearable for him to sleep normally?
(a) His own sorrow.
(b) Broken promises.
(c) Tumors.
(d) Other people's dreams.

11. How does Treves react when he sees Mrs. Kendal nude in Merrick's room?
(a) He is apologetic.
(b) He is amused.
(c) He is outraged.
(d) He is confused.

12. To which part of the hospital will the rest of Merrick's funds be absorbed?
(a) Food services.
(b) Outreach for the poor.
(c) The general revenue.
(d) Research.

13. What warning does Gomm give to Treves after Lord John is removed from the hospital?
(a) Not to tell anyone about these dealings.
(b) To make better friends.
(c) That Merrick is losing his money, fast.
(d) That Lord John is a very dangerous man.

14. While Merrick is in his meeting with the Bishop, what are Gomm and Treves discussing in the next room?
(a) Merrick's personal hygiene.
(b) Merrick's death.
(c) Merrick's love life.
(d) Merrick's spirituality.

15. How does Treves argue that people feel when they see themselves reflected in Merrick?
(a) They feel afraid.
(b) They feel flattered.
(c) They feel confused.
(d) They feel amused.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which word is the nursing attendant struggling to remember when he leaves Merrick's room abruptly?

2. What does Treves bitterly state might happen to Merrick while he is in his meeting with the Bishop?

3. Who wrote the letter that was published after Merrick's death?

4. Which part of Merrick's name is printed incorrectly in the letter?

5. How does Treves feel about Merrick after his death?

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