The Elephant Man Short Essay - Answer Key

Bernard Pomerance
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1. Why has Treves moved to London?

Treves is a very successful anatomist who has moved to London to fill the vacancy of lecturer at the London Hospital. Even though he has been promised good pay, Treves already believes his life is successful and isn't looking for much.

2. How does Gomm greet the new hire, Treves?

When Treves arrives, Gomm states that he believes Treves will be making one hundred guineas per patient by the time he is forty. Gomm says that as long as Treves continues to increase the reputation of the London Hospital, everyone will be happy.

3. What sales pitch does Ross use to entice passersby into the Elephant Man's tent?

Ross calls out to passersby, or even invisible ones, that the Elephant Man is one of a kind, and that the only thing more painful to him than his physical deformities is his spiritual anguish. He says that you will have to pay to see a man in such pain.

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