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Bernard Pomerance
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Scenes 19 and 20.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In the dream, what does Gomm call Treves in response to Merrick's payment offer?
(a) He calls Treves a man of honor.
(b) He calls Treves a valuable investment.
(c) He cals Treves a black hole.
(d) He calls Treves a one-man moral swamp.

2. When visiting Merrick in the hospital, what does Ross propose?
(a) That he and Merrick work together once again.
(b) That he and Merrick move in together.
(c) That he and Treves start a new freak show.
(d) That he and Treves have joint control over Merrick's future.

3. Which character arrives, saying there is news about Lord John in the newspapers?
(a) Merrick.
(b) Mrs. Kendal.
(c) Fredrick Treves.
(d) Walsham How.

4. What part of Merrick's body is Mrs.Kendal most interested in?
(a) His genitals.
(b) His brain.
(c) His face.
(d) His hands.

5. What does the Prince of Wales admire most in Treves?
(a) His rugby skills.
(b) His academic knowledge.
(c) His patience.
(d) His wealth.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who shouts from the audience, interrupting Treves' lecture about the Elephant Man's deformities?

2. After riding on the train, what other mode of transportation does Merrick take back to London?

3. What does Ross do with all of Merrick's savings?

4. What does Ross think is unfair about the fact that Merrick is living with Treves?

5. After exiting the train, who hands Merrick over to the police officers?

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