Daily Lessons for Teaching The Elephant Man

Bernard Pomerance
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Objective: Scenes 1, 2 and 3 TREVES - In this chapter the reader gets their first look at Treves, the physician who forms a relationship with John Merrick, the Elephant Man. The objective of this lesson is for students to explore Treves' character and to discuss whether or not he seems like a man out for money.

1) 1.) As a class, create a list of adjectives used to describe Dr. Treves. Based on first impressions, does he seem like an honest man? Why or why not?

2.) As a class, compare / contrast Treves' reaction to his possible income with Gomm's reaction to Treves' possible income. What is the same about their reactions? What is different? Is there anything unexpected / surprising in this comparison?

3.) Do you think Treves is a greedy man? Divide the class into two groups for a cross classroom debate. After 15 minutes, add another complication: How does Treves feel about...

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