The Elephant Man Character Descriptions

Bernard Pomerance
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The Bishop - This character is concerned about religious instruction and offers many characters spiritual guidance.

Conductor - This character believes that a handicapped man is an imbecile and seeks police guidance when trying to deal with one man aboard a train.

Countess - This character is one of the many high society visitors that make trips to the London Hospital.

Duchess - This character is a high society visitor who comes to the London Hospital bearing gifts for Christmas.

Carr Gomm - This character is the administrator of the London Hospital and his care of patients always appears to be self-serving.

Walsham How - See The Bishop.

Lord John - This character is involved in some shady financial dealings and leaves town quickly after a great deal of money is lost.

Mrs. Kendal - This character is an actress who is not easily repulsed and...

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