The Elephant Man Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Bernard Pomerance
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Scenes 1, 2 and 3

• After Gomm leaves, Treves states that he has no need for such prizes, although it becomes clear to the audience that the idea of making so much money is appealing to him.

• Treves arrives at London Hospital to start his first days of work. There, he meets his supervisor, Gomm, who makes a joke about Treves making one hundred guineas per patient by the time he is forty.

• After settling in, Treves takes a walk through the city and comes across a freak show where a man named Ross is shouting at passersby to come have a look at "The Elephant Man".

• Treves states that he would like to examine the deformed man and pays his fee. Ross shouts abusively to Merrick until he exits the tent.

• The next scene shows Treves in his lecture hall flashing slides of the Elephant Man's form while he describes...

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