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Lee Blessing
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Short Answer Questions

1. Dorothea tries to _________________________ Artie.

2. How does Artie communicate with her mother when her mother is mute?

3. Which character re-enters in the middle of scene 3?

4. In the opening of scene 2, what does Artie say concerns her the most?

5. What dream does Artie have?

Short Essay Questions

1. What skill does Echo have, and how does this skill become a form of communication between Echo and her mother?

2. What do all of the "educational stops " which the Westbrook women made have in common?

3. Why did Artie move and change her name so many times?

4. Why do you think Dorothea felt little or no grief when her husband died?

5. At what point in scene 3 do you think the audience loses sympathy for Dorothea?

6. What are the basic relationships between the Westbrook women?

7. Why did Dorothea change her granddaughter's name to Echo?

8. Who ignited Echo's original love of words?

9. Why does Artie feel that she has fulfilled her commitment to Echo?

10. Why does Dorothea decide to take on a life of eccentricity?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Echo never really has a chance to reunite her mother and grandmother. Discuss why she believes she can, and how she plans it.

Essay Topic 2

Dorothea gives a lengthy discussion about Echo's name and why she named her this. Echo's name is connected to her grandmother's expectations of her and Echo's later decisions in life. Discuss how Echo's name influenced her.

Essay Topic 3

Dorothea and Artie have negative feelings about Echo winning the spelling bee because of Echo's poor treatment of her opponent. How do you think things might have been different if Echo had actually lost the spelling bee? How do you think Artie and Dorothea would have reacted then?

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