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Lee Blessing
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Dorothea live?
(a) In a house next door to Artie.
(b) In a house near Artie.
(c) About an hour away from Artie's house.
(d) In an apartment in Artie's building.

2. Why is Dorothea so proud of two year old Echo?
(a) Dorothea says Echo reminds her of herself.
(b) Dorothea says Echo is a great speller.
(c) Dorothea thinks Echo can fly.
(d) Dorothea says Echo is bright and already knows some Greek words.

3. Why was Echo happy to hear the word "eleemosynary" at the spelling bee?
(a) It is her favorite word.
(b) She had never heard it before, but could sound it out.
(c) It was the longest word she knew.
(d) Her mother loved the word.

4. After all her name-changes and moves, what was Artie finally ready to to?
(a) Contact her mother, Dorothea.
(b) Get a real job.
(c) Come home.
(d) Try to fly again.

5. What is Artie's response to Dorothea being back in her life?
(a) She is jealous of her mother's relationship with her husband.
(b) She is overjoyed to be back in her mother's life.
(c) Seeing Dorothea brings back all the trauma of her childhood.
(d) She is very grateful to have her mother's help.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Artie do right after kissing Dorothea after the spelling bee?

2. How hard was it for Echo to get to the National Spelling Bee?

3. In scene 4, what does Dorothea say to Artie when Artie calls to tell her where she has been?

4. In Scene 6, how does Artie communicate with her daughter after seeing her?

5. How long after Artie's phone call before Dorothea shows up on Artie's doorstep?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why do you think Echo said Artie was just a dead person when she called in scene 4?

2. Why does Artie suggest to Echo to practice for the National Spelling Bee?

3. Why did Dorothea change her granddaughter's name to Echo?

4. Why do you think the author chose to "kill off"all the male characters in the play?

5. Do you think Artie realizes the importance of the spelling bee to Echo?

6. What happens to Artie when her mother reappears in her life?

7. Why is Echo so ruthless in her defeat of the little boy?

8. What evidence is there in scene 5 that Echo is intrigued by her mother and wants to get to know her?

9. Why does Dorothea cut a lock of Artie's hair?

10. Why do you think that Dorothea reacts so coldly to Artie when she searches for the lock of hair?

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