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Lee Blessing
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Echo's plan for the spelling bee?
(a) To run away at the spelling bee.
(b) To intentionally lose the spelling bee to gain her mother's pity.
(c) To win the spelling bee.
(d) To have both her mother and grandmother come to the spelling bee and be reunited.

2. What kind of winner was Echo?
(a) Quiet, but proud.
(b) Quiet and unassuming.
(c) Obnoxious and cruel.
(d) Grateful and kind.

3. What happens when Echo is seven?
(a) Artie gets a job 50 miles away from her.
(b) Artie remarries and takes Echo back to live with her.
(c) Echo runs away.
(d) Artie moves back in the house with Dorothea and Echo.

4. What is Artie's response to Dorothea being back in her life?
(a) She is jealous of her mother's relationship with her husband.
(b) She is very grateful to have her mother's help.
(c) She is overjoyed to be back in her mother's life.
(d) Seeing Dorothea brings back all the trauma of her childhood.

5. Why is winning the spelling bee so important to Echo?
(a) She wants her mother to be proud of her.
(b) She wants her grandmother to be proud of her.
(c) She thinks it will reunite her mother and grandmother.
(d) She wants the prize for winning.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did the family end up back in Dorothea's house back east?

2. Why is Dorothea so proud of two year old Echo?

3. What does Dorothea do with the lock of hair?

4. How does Artie and Echo's argument end?

5. Why does Dorothea cut off a lock of Artie's hair?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Dorothea cut a lock of Artie's hair?

2. Why do you think Artie left her daughter with Dorothea, despite her own traumatic childhood with her mother?

3. What happens to Artie when her mother reappears in her life?

4. Why do you think the author chose to "kill off"all the male characters in the play?

5. Why do you think that Echo put on the wings in the beginning of scene 5?

6. How is Artie's choice of seat at the Spelling Bee a metaphor for her life?

7. How do Artie and Dorothea feel about Echo's winning of the spelling bee?

8. Why is Echo unable to see what she is doing to the little boy in the Spelling Bee?

9. Why did Dorothea change her granddaughter's name to Echo?

10. Why do you think Dorothea wanted Echo to be so willing to give forgiveness?

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