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Lee Blessing
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Echo's plan for the spelling bee?
(a) To have both her mother and grandmother come to the spelling bee and be reunited.
(b) To run away at the spelling bee.
(c) To win the spelling bee.
(d) To intentionally lose the spelling bee to gain her mother's pity.

2. What is a "vortex"?
(a) A very large race track.
(b) An unusually shaped building.
(c) The center of a circle.
(d) A space in which natural laws of physics are inverted.

3. Why does Artie tear up the house in scene 5?
(a) She is mad at her mother and is throwing a tantrum.
(b) She is looking for the homemade wings.
(c) She was looking for her favorite book.
(d) She is searching for the lock of hair.

4. What is Echo's frame of mind as she spells her words?
(a) She smiles bravely, but misspells her first word.
(b) She is confident and spells them correctly.
(c) She is nervous, but spells them correctly.
(d) She pauses hesitantly after each letter, unsure of herself.

5. What did Echo remember about the trip back east?
(a) Visiting an Indian burial ground,
(b) Nothing, since she was just a baby.
(c) Stopping at all the restaurants to eat.
(d) Visiting a landing strip for UFOs.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Dorothea live?

2. Why aren't Artie and Dorothea happy about Echo winning?

3. How does Artie and Echo's argument end?

4. Why does Artie leave Echo with Dorothea?

5. Where does Artie accidentally see Echo?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Artie suggest to Echo to practice for the National Spelling Bee?

2. Do you think Artie realizes the importance of the spelling bee to Echo?

3. Why do you think Echo said Artie was just a dead person when she called in scene 4?

4. How does what Dorothea says about the lock of hair always connecting her to Artie foreshadow their relationship?

5. What evidence is there in scene 5 that Echo is intrigued by her mother and wants to get to know her?

6. Why do you think the author chose to "kill off"all the male characters in the play?

7. Why is Echo so ruthless in her defeat of the little boy?

8. Why do you think that Echo put on the wings in the beginning of scene 5?

9. Why is Echo unable to see what she is doing to the little boy in the Spelling Bee?

10. Why are Artie and Echo arguing over Dorothea as scene 4 opens?

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