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Lee Blessing
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who meets up after the spelling bee?
(a) Echo's father and Artie.
(b) Dorothea and Echo.
(c) Artie and Dorothea.
(d) Echo and Artie.

2. What was important about the trip back east to Dorothea?
(a) Making educational stops for Echo.
(b) Getting home as quickly as possible.
(c) Eating in 5-star restaurants.
(d) Shopping in stores along the way.

3. What does Dorothea feel is the most important aspect of Echo's personality?
(a) That she is well-educated.
(b) That she is confident.
(c) That she grant forgiveness.
(d) That she speaks her mind.

4. In scene 4, what does Dorothea say to Artie when Artie calls to tell her where she has been?
(a) That she could not wait to see her.
(b) That she has been looking for her everywhere.
(c) That she was no longer looking for her.
(d) That she loves her very much.

5. Why does Dorothea cut off a lock of Artie's hair?
(a) She was giving Artie a hair cut.
(b) She wanted to compare Artie's hair with her own.
(c) Dorothea says it will always be a connection to her daughter, Artie.
(d) Artie had gum in her hair and she was cutting it out.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Dorothea's relationship with her son-in-law?

2. How hard was it for Echo to get to the National Spelling Bee?

3. How many times did Artie say she moved?

4. What does Echo feel when her opponent crumbles?

5. In Scene 6, how does Artie communicate with her daughter after seeing her?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why do you think Artie left her daughter with Dorothea, despite her own traumatic childhood with her mother?

2. Why did Dorothea change her granddaughter's name to Echo?

3. Why do you think that Dorothea reacts so coldly to Artie when she searches for the lock of hair?

4. Why do you think that Echo put on the wings in the beginning of scene 5?

5. Why does Artie suggest to Echo to practice for the National Spelling Bee?

6. Why are Artie and Echo arguing over Dorothea as scene 4 opens?

7. How does what Dorothea says about the lock of hair always connecting her to Artie foreshadow their relationship?

8. After all her time away from Dorothea, why do you think Artie finally called her?

9. What do all of the "educational stops " which the Westbrook women made have in common?

10. Why is Echo unable to see what she is doing to the little boy in the Spelling Bee?

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