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Lee Blessing
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Dorothea help Echo remember her mother when Artie is gone?
(a) She keeps lots of pictures of Artie aound the house.
(b) She never does anyhting to help her remember Artie.
(c) She occasionally shows Echo pictures of her mother.
(d) She talks about Artie all the time.

2. What is Dorothea doing when scene 4 opens?
(a) Dorothea is teaching Artie her alphabet.
(b) Dorothea is in a coma in a hospital bed.
(c) Dorothea is taking a walk in the park.
(d) Dorothea is teaching Echo her alphabet.

3. Why does Artie not like the vortex?
(a) She does not like the loud noise of racecars.
(b) She feels uncomfortable standing in a circle.
(c) It disturbs her because she does not like rules to be broken.
(d) She thought the building might fall down with her in it.

4. What was important about the trip back east to Dorothea?
(a) Eating in 5-star restaurants.
(b) Getting home as quickly as possible.
(c) Shopping in stores along the way.
(d) Making educational stops for Echo.

5. What is Echo's frame of mind as she spells her words?
(a) She is confident and spells them correctly.
(b) She pauses hesitantly after each letter, unsure of herself.
(c) She smiles bravely, but misspells her first word.
(d) She is nervous, but spells them correctly.

Short Answer Questions

1. In reference to Echo and Artie's argument in the beginning of scene 4, what does Artie believe?

2. How does Artie tell Echo about the National Spelling Bee?

3. How was Artie able to overcome her childhood?

4. Why does Artie give Dorothea a kiss after the spelling bee?

5. In reference to Echo and Artie's argument in the beginning of scene 4, what does Echo believe?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Artie feel that she has fulfilled her commitment to Echo?

2. Do you think Artie realizes the importance of the spelling bee to Echo?

3. Why do you think Artie left her daughter with Dorothea, despite her own traumatic childhood with her mother?

4. Why do you think that Dorothea reacts so coldly to Artie when she searches for the lock of hair?

5. What evidence is there in scene 5 that Echo is intrigued by her mother and wants to get to know her?

6. Why does Dorothea cut a lock of Artie's hair?

7. Why is Echo so ruthless in her defeat of the little boy?

8. Why are Artie and Echo arguing over Dorothea as scene 4 opens?

9. Why do you think Dorothea wanted Echo to be so willing to give forgiveness?

10. Why did Artie move and change her name so many times?

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