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Lee Blessing
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In scene 2 when the scene fades to black, where is the audience's attention redirected to?
(a) Dorothea.
(b) Artie's father.
(c) Echo.
(d) Artie.

2. What did Artie's mother want her to do when Artie was young?
(a) To make a pair of wings.
(b) To try to fly with homemade wings.
(c) To spell "eleemosynary."
(d) To study to become a doctor.

3. Where in scene 3 does the audience feel sympathy for Dorothea?
(a) When Dorothea is tremendously ill.
(b) When Dorothea is pregnant with Artie.
(c) When Dorothea meets her husband.
(d) When Dorothea is forced into marriage and deprived of an education.

4. What great skill does Echo have?
(a) Echo can run very fast.
(b) Echo is a great cook.
(c) Echo is able to spell very well.
(d) Echo can fly with homemade wings.

5. How many times was Artie pregnant?
(a) Twice.
(b) 4 times.
(c) Once.
(d) 3 times.

Short Answer Questions

1. How is Dorothea's health as the play opens?

2. How old is Artie when she has her first tutor?

3. Artie has an inability to do what, regarding Echo?

4. How did Artie's father feel about her having tutors?

5. What children do Dorothea and her husband have?

Short Essay Questions

1. Do you think Artie will be able to function away from her mother?

2. Who is the controller in the play? Who is being controlled?

3. Why is it ironic that Artie constantly drills spelling words to Echo?

4. Why does Artie feel that she was Dorothea's guinea pig as she grew up?

5. Why do you think Artie is not worried about her own issues?

6. What do you think the author's purpose was in having Echo spelling heard between Dorothea's recollections?

7. Why do you think Dorothea has such high expectations of Artie?

8. Does Artie ever rebel from Dorothea?

9. What are the basic relationships between the Westbrook women?

10. Why do you think Artie runs away instead of letting her mother send her to college?

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