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Lee Blessing
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Echo's relationship to Artie?
(a) Echo is Artie's granddaughter.
(b) Echo is Artie's mother.
(c) Echo is Artie's daughter.
(d) Echo is Artie's sister.

2. For Dorothea, eccentricity means _____________________her child.
(a) Leaving.
(b) Having fun with.
(c) Exploiting.
(d) Loving.

3. Who says that a smart girl will never be married?
(a) Echo.
(b) Artie.
(c) Artie's father.
(d) Dorothea.

4. What foreshadows the relationship between Echo and Artie in the first scene?
(a) Echo drawing a picture.
(b) Artie running to hug her daughter.
(c) Echo spelling the title of the play out loud.
(d) Echo communicating with mute Dorothea.

5. What was Dorothea's childhood like?
(a) Dorothea felt worthless and guilty growing up.
(b) Dorothea's parents doted on Dorothea.
(c) Dorothea had a wonderful childhood filled with love.
(d) Dorothea had lots of friends and was happy.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Echo and her mother talk about on the phone?

2. In scene 2 when the scene fades to black, where is the audience's attention redirected to?

3. Where does Artie find employment at the end of scene 2?

4. What does Dorothea convince Artie to do about her pregnancy?

5. What trait does Artie say she has that makes her life so hard?

Short Essay Questions

1. How is Dorothea's educational treatment of Echo similar to how she raised Artie?

2. Why do you think the author chose the book "Robinson Crusoe" to mention as being connected to Artie?

3. Why do you think Dorothea's final thoughts are about Artie who she rarely saw, rather than Echo who lived with her?

4. How does Dorothea's choice to become an eccentric take away Artie's freedom?

5. Why does Dorothea decide to take on a life of eccentricity?

6. What happens to Artie when her mother reappears in her life?

7. What do you think the purpose of this scene 3 is?

8. Does Artie ever rebel from Dorothea?

9. Why do you think Artie runs away instead of letting her mother send her to college?

10. Why are Artie and Echo arguing over Dorothea as scene 4 opens?

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