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Lee Blessing
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Dorothea has ______________________expectations for her daughter.
(a) No.
(b) Very low.
(c) Reasonable.
(d) Unreasonable.

2. When Dorothea changed her granddaughter's name, Echo was ___________.
(a) 2 years old.
(b) 3 months old.
(c) 1 year old.
(d) 5 years old.

3. What was Dorothea's childhood like?
(a) Dorothea had lots of friends and was happy.
(b) Dorothea had a wonderful childhood filled with love.
(c) Dorothea felt worthless and guilty growing up.
(d) Dorothea's parents doted on Dorothea.

4. In scene 2, with what does Artie say she has trouble doing?
(a) Physically touching others, even her daughter.
(b) Running the mile.
(c) Flying with homemade wings.
(d) Spelling words.

5. Where in scene 3 does the audience feel sympathy for Dorothea?
(a) When Dorothea is forced into marriage and deprived of an education.
(b) When Dorothea is tremendously ill.
(c) When Dorothea is pregnant with Artie.
(d) When Dorothea meets her husband.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many generations of women does this play cover?

2. Which character re-enters in the middle of scene 3?

3. What trait does Artie say she has that makes her life so hard?

4. How old is Echo when the plays opens?

5. What is Artie's relationship to Dorothea?

Short Essay Questions

1. Artie begins and ends scene two. What do we learn about the character?

2. How does Dorothea's choice to become an eccentric take away Artie's freedom?

3. What do you think the purpose of this scene 3 is?

4. What do you think the author's purpose was in having Echo spelling heard between Dorothea's recollections?

5. What are the basic relationships between the Westbrook women?

6. How does Dorothea force her value of education over motherhood on Artie?

7. At what point in scene 3 do you think the audience loses sympathy for Dorothea?

8. Why does Artie feel that she was Dorothea's guinea pig as she grew up?

9. Does Artie ever rebel from Dorothea?

10. How are the 3 main characters related to each other?

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