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Lee Blessing
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Artie and Echo's argument end?
(a) Artie leaves in frustration.
(b) Echo convinces Artie to talk to Dorothea.
(c) They agree to disagree, and both sit with Dorothea.
(d) Echo leaves in frustration.

2. What chance of reuniting her family through the spelling bee did Echo have?
(a) A really good chance, if she won.
(b) A really good chance, if she lost.
(c) A great chance, just by getting everyone together.
(d) No chance at all.

3. Why was Echo happy to hear the word "eleemosynary" at the spelling bee?
(a) She had never heard it before, but could sound it out.
(b) It was the longest word she knew.
(c) Her mother loved the word.
(d) It is her favorite word.

4. What does Echo feel when her opponent crumbles?
(a) She is appalled by his behavior.
(b) She feels sorry for him.
(c) She doesn't even notice.
(d) She thinks he is over reacting.

5. What does Dorothea do with the lock of hair?
(a) She puts in a locket which she wears.
(b) She throws it away.
(c) She hides it from Artie.
(d) She puts in a frame in the living room.

6. How does Artie feel when she sees her daughter in scene 5?
(a) Disappointment.
(b) Anger.
(c) Pure joy.
(d) Panicked.

7. What does Artie do when she sees her daughter in scene 5?
(a) She runs away.
(b) She has lunch with her.
(c) She apologizes for abandoning her and asks for forgiveness.
(d) She gives her a big hug.

8. When Artie calls her daughter on the phone, what does Echo tell Dorothea about the phone call?
(a) That it was from a dead person.
(b) That it was a sales call.
(c) That it was from her father.
(d) That is was a wrong number.

9. What happens when Echo is seven?
(a) Artie moves back in the house with Dorothea and Echo.
(b) Echo runs away.
(c) Artie remarries and takes Echo back to live with her.
(d) Artie gets a job 50 miles away from her.

10. Why does Dorothea insist that Artie now needs her when Artie calls her the second time in scene 4?
(a) She needs her help to find a job.
(b) She needs help to get well.
(c) She needs help finding an apartment.
(d) She will need help with the baby.

11. What is Echo's final word in the spelling bee?
(a) "Alphabet".
(b) "Eccentricity".
(c) "Forgiveness".
(d) "Eleemosynary".

12. How many times did Artie run away?
(a) 3 times.
(b) 2 times.
(c) 1 time.
(d) 4 times.

13. How was Artie able to overcome her childhood?
(a) By focusing only on her husband and her work.
(b) By forgiving her mother's eccentricity.
(c) By having a baby to love.
(d) By remembering how much her mother really loved her.

14. What does Dorothea do when she finds Artie tearing up the house?
(a) She sends Artie to a friends house while she cleans up.
(b) She gives her the lock of hair and says she never wants it back.
(c) She hugs Artie and asks her what is wrong.
(d) She makes Artie stay home from school to clean up.

15. What excuse does the spelling bee give Artie?
(a) To visit Echo on a weekly basis.
(b) To mend her relationship with Dorothea.
(c) To practice her own spelling.
(d) To call her daughter more often.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many times did Echo read Robinson Crusoe?

2. In reference to Echo and Artie's argument in the beginning of scene 4, what does Artie believe?

3. What is Dorothea's relationship with her son-in-law?

4. In scene 4, what does Dorothea say to Artie when Artie calls to tell her where she has been?

5. What is Dorothea doing when scene 4 opens?

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