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Lee Blessing
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many names did Artie take on to keep from being found?
(a) 3 names.
(b) 2 names.
(c) 8 names.
(d) 4 names.

2. What does Artie do when she sees her daughter in scene 5?
(a) She has lunch with her.
(b) She apologizes for abandoning her and asks for forgiveness.
(c) She gives her a big hug.
(d) She runs away.

3. How many times did Artie run away?
(a) 3 times.
(b) 2 times.
(c) 4 times.
(d) 1 time.

4. How does Dorothea and Artie's phone call first phone call in scene 4 end?
(a) They say good-bye, promising to talk again soon.
(b) Artie hangs up.
(c) They make plans to meet the next day.
(d) Dorothea hangs up.

5. What is Dorothea doing when scene 4 opens?
(a) Dorothea is teaching Echo her alphabet.
(b) Dorothea is teaching Artie her alphabet.
(c) Dorothea is taking a walk in the park.
(d) Dorothea is in a coma in a hospital bed.

6. In scene 4, what does Dorothea say to Artie when Artie calls to tell her where she has been?
(a) That she loves her very much.
(b) That she has been looking for her everywhere.
(c) That she was no longer looking for her.
(d) That she could not wait to see her.

7. What is Echo's frame of mind as she spells her words?
(a) She pauses hesitantly after each letter, unsure of herself.
(b) She is nervous, but spells them correctly.
(c) She is confident and spells them correctly.
(d) She smiles bravely, but misspells her first word.

8. What happens when Echo is seven?
(a) Artie gets a job 50 miles away from her.
(b) Artie remarries and takes Echo back to live with her.
(c) Artie moves back in the house with Dorothea and Echo.
(d) Echo runs away.

9. What chance of reuniting her family through the spelling bee did Echo have?
(a) No chance at all.
(b) A really good chance, if she won.
(c) A great chance, just by getting everyone together.
(d) A really good chance, if she lost.

10. Why is Dorothea so proud of two year old Echo?
(a) Dorothea says Echo is bright and already knows some Greek words.
(b) Dorothea thinks Echo can fly.
(c) Dorothea says Echo reminds her of herself.
(d) Dorothea says Echo is a great speller.

11. What news does Artie have for her mother when she calls her for the second time in scene 4?
(a) She has flunked out of college.
(b) She is unmarried and pregnant.
(c) She is sick and needs help.
(d) She is married to a professor, is about to finish her graduate degree in BioChem, and is pregnant.

12. Who meets up after the spelling bee?
(a) Echo and Artie.
(b) Echo's father and Artie.
(c) Artie and Dorothea.
(d) Dorothea and Echo.

13. What does Echo do as Artie leaves the auditorium after the spelling bee?
(a) Cries openly.
(b) Runs after her.
(c) Begs her to stay.
(d) Smiles and waves good bye.

14. After Artie accidentally sees Echo in scene 5, what does she suggest to Echo?
(a) That Echo and Dorothea come and visit her.
(b) That Echo try out for the National Spelling Bee.
(c) That Echo now come to live with her.
(d) That they have dinner together and talk about Echo's schooling.

15. What time of day was it when Dorothea cut the lock of hair from Artie?
(a) The middle of the night.
(b) First thing in the morning
(c) Right before bedtime.
(d) At lunchtime.

Short Answer Questions

1. How old was Artie when Dorothea cut off the lock of her hair?

2. How does Artie feel when she sees her daughter in scene 5?

3. What excuse does the spelling bee give Artie?

4. When Artie calls her daughter on the phone, what does Echo tell Dorothea about the phone call?

5. Why does Dorothea insist that Artie now needs her when Artie calls her the second time in scene 4?

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