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Lee Blessing
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Artie do when she sees her daughter in scene 5?
(a) She gives her a big hug.
(b) She runs away.
(c) She has lunch with her.
(d) She apologizes for abandoning her and asks for forgiveness.

2. What does Dorothea do when she finds Artie tearing up the house?
(a) She gives her the lock of hair and says she never wants it back.
(b) She hugs Artie and asks her what is wrong.
(c) She sends Artie to a friends house while she cleans up.
(d) She makes Artie stay home from school to clean up.

3. What is Echo's plan for the spelling bee?
(a) To intentionally lose the spelling bee to gain her mother's pity.
(b) To have both her mother and grandmother come to the spelling bee and be reunited.
(c) To run away at the spelling bee.
(d) To win the spelling bee.

4. After Artie accidentally sees Echo in scene 5, what does she suggest to Echo?
(a) That they have dinner together and talk about Echo's schooling.
(b) That Echo now come to live with her.
(c) That Echo try out for the National Spelling Bee.
(d) That Echo and Dorothea come and visit her.

5. Where does Artie accidentally see Echo?
(a) In the mall.
(b) At the movies.
(c) At a book fair.
(d) In a restaurant.

6. In Scene 6, how does Artie communicate with her daughter after seeing her?
(a) She calls her to help her study spelling.
(b) She visits her once a month.
(c) She breaks off all communication.
(d) She writes her letters once a week.

7. How does Artie tell Echo about the National Spelling Bee?
(a) She tells her about it over lunch at the deli.
(b) Over the phone.
(c) At the book fair.
(d) At Dorothea's house.

8. Instead of coming to see Echo, what does Artie do?
(a) She write her a letter everyday.
(b) She asks Echo to meet her.
(c) She sometimes calls her on the phone.
(d) She never contacts Echo.

9. What did Echo remember about the trip back east?
(a) Visiting a landing strip for UFOs.
(b) Stopping at all the restaurants to eat.
(c) Visiting an Indian burial ground,
(d) Nothing, since she was just a baby.

10. Why does Dorothea cut off a lock of Artie's hair?
(a) She wanted to compare Artie's hair with her own.
(b) Artie had gum in her hair and she was cutting it out.
(c) She was giving Artie a hair cut.
(d) Dorothea says it will always be a connection to her daughter, Artie.

11. How did the family end up back in Dorothea's house back east?
(a) They drove there after Echo's father died.
(b) They took a bus.
(c) They hitchhiked across the country.
(d) They took Echo on her first plane ride to get there.

12. Who meets up after the spelling bee?
(a) Echo's father and Artie.
(b) Artie and Dorothea.
(c) Dorothea and Echo.
(d) Echo and Artie.

13. Why did Dorothea choose the name she did for her granddaughter?
(a) Because she liked the sound of it.
(b) So she would only remember the good about people and "echo" it back.
(c) Because her own mother was named Echo, and she loved her very much.
(d) So that she would have a good memory and "echo" back her knowledge.

14. In reference to Echo and Artie's argument in the beginning of scene 4, what does Artie believe?
(a) That Dorothea can hear them in her coma.
(b) That Dorothea's coma is her fault.
(c) That Dorothea is a vegetable.
(d) That Dorothea needs them to intereact with her.

15. What does Artie accomplish on her own?
(a) She opens her own restaurant.
(b) She writes a book.
(c) She raises her daughter on her own.
(d) She puts herself through college.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why aren't Artie and Dorothea happy about Echo winning?

2. Why does Artie leave Echo with Dorothea?

3. How does Dorothea feel when she finds Artie searching for the lock of hair?

4. How many names did Artie take on to keep from being found?

5. When Artie calls her daughter on the phone, what does Echo tell Dorothea about the phone call?

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