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Lee Blessing
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Echo think about her mother when she was young?
(a) Artie thought her mother was in jail.
(b) Artie never gave her mother any thought.
(c) Artie thought she didn't have a mother.
(d) Artie thought her mother was a movie star.

2. What does Artie do when she sees her daughter in scene 5?
(a) She apologizes for abandoning her and asks for forgiveness.
(b) She runs away.
(c) She gives her a big hug.
(d) She has lunch with her.

3. What does Echo feel when her opponent crumbles?
(a) She doesn't even notice.
(b) She is appalled by his behavior.
(c) She thinks he is over reacting.
(d) She feels sorry for him.

4. How does Dorothea feel when she finds Artie searching for the lock of hair?
(a) Resentment.
(b) Disappointment and carefully controlled anger.
(c) Resigned.
(d) Humor.

5. In reference to Echo and Artie's argument in the beginning of scene 4, what does Artie believe?
(a) That Dorothea can hear them in her coma.
(b) That Dorothea is a vegetable.
(c) That Dorothea's coma is her fault.
(d) That Dorothea needs them to intereact with her.

6. What does Dorothea do with the lock of hair?
(a) She puts in a locket which she wears.
(b) She throws it away.
(c) She puts in a frame in the living room.
(d) She hides it from Artie.

7. What does Artie inform Dorothea of after the spelling bee?
(a) That she never wanted to see Echo again.
(b) They must share a familial kiss for Echo.
(c) That she was taking Echo to live with her.
(d) They must talk to Echo about her behavior.

8. Where does Artie accidentally see Echo?
(a) In the mall.
(b) At the movies.
(c) At a book fair.
(d) In a restaurant.

9. After all her name-changes and moves, what was Artie finally ready to to?
(a) Try to fly again.
(b) Contact her mother, Dorothea.
(c) Come home.
(d) Get a real job.

10. What chance of reuniting her family through the spelling bee did Echo have?
(a) A great chance, just by getting everyone together.
(b) A really good chance, if she lost.
(c) A really good chance, if she won.
(d) No chance at all.

11. How does Artie and Echo's argument end?
(a) They agree to disagree, and both sit with Dorothea.
(b) Artie leaves in frustration.
(c) Echo convinces Artie to talk to Dorothea.
(d) Echo leaves in frustration.

12. When Artie comes to Echo's spelling bee, where does she sit?
(a) In the seat next to Dorothea.
(b) Right up front so she can cheer on Echo.
(c) In the seat directly behind Dorothea.
(d) Far away from Dorothea so neither she nor Echo can see her.

13. Why does Dorothea cut off a lock of Artie's hair?
(a) She was giving Artie a hair cut.
(b) Dorothea says it will always be a connection to her daughter, Artie.
(c) Artie had gum in her hair and she was cutting it out.
(d) She wanted to compare Artie's hair with her own.

14. What is Echo's frame of mind as she spells her words?
(a) She is confident and spells them correctly.
(b) She smiles bravely, but misspells her first word.
(c) She pauses hesitantly after each letter, unsure of herself.
(d) She is nervous, but spells them correctly.

15. Why is winning the spelling bee so important to Echo?
(a) She wants her mother to be proud of her.
(b) She wants her grandmother to be proud of her.
(c) She thinks it will reunite her mother and grandmother.
(d) She wants the prize for winning.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did the family end up back in Dorothea's house back east?

2. Why aren't Artie and Dorothea happy about Echo winning?

3. How does Echo's family feel about her winning the spelling bee?

4. What is a "vortex"?

5. What are Echo and Artie arguing about in the beginning of scene 4?

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