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Lee Blessing
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Artie find employment at the end of scene 2?
(a) At a restaurant.
(b) At a private school.
(c) At a small college.
(d) Artie can't find a job.

2. What happened when Artie tried to fly?
(a) She refused to try.
(b) She started to fly, and then fell.
(c) She failed.
(d) She flew around the yard.

3. How many words does Echo misspell when her mother drills her on the phone?
(a) 2.
(b) 0.
(c) 1.
(d) 3.

4. Who opens scene 2?
(a) Dorothea.
(b) Artie.
(c) Echo's father.
(d) Echo.

5. Which character ends scene 1?
(a) Artie's father.
(b) Dorothea.
(c) Echo.
(d) Artie's aunt.

6. What does Dorothea do after graduating from high school?
(a) She becomes pregnant.
(b) She marries.
(c) She goes to college.
(d) She takes a job as a waitress.

7. What does Artie remember from her own childhood?
(a) That her mother used the same banners of Latin and Greek letters with her.
(b) That she loved eating ice cream.
(c) That her mother sung to her as she put her to bed.
(d) She and her mother baking cookies together.

8. What do the wings represent to Artie?
(a) A wonderful time from her childhood.
(b) A gift from a loving mother.
(c) A way that she can finally fly.
(d) Her terrible childhood with an eccentric, controlling mother.

9. Who made the wings that a character is wearing in the first scene?
(a) Artie.
(b) Dorothea.
(c) Echo's sister.
(d) Echo.

10. What does Dorothea do to help Artie learn?
(a) She walks her to school each morning.
(b) She hires tutors.
(c) She gives her a math test everyday.
(d) She calls words out for her to spell from the dictionary.

11. Where in scene 3 does the audience feel sympathy for Dorothea?
(a) When Dorothea is tremendously ill.
(b) When Dorothea is forced into marriage and deprived of an education.
(c) When Dorothea meets her husband.
(d) When Dorothea is pregnant with Artie.

12. Dorothea tries to _________________________ Artie.
(a) Free.
(b) Control.
(c) Undermine.
(d) Encourage.

13. What method of learning is Artie against?
(a) Drill and practice.
(b) Comprehension of stories.
(c) Problem-solving.
(d) Total recall.

14. Artie has an inability to do what, regarding Echo?
(a) Drive her to school.
(b) Show affection.
(c) Keep her healthy.
(d) Talk.

15. Who enters the first scene wearing wings?
(a) Artie.
(b) Dorothea.
(c) Echo.
(d) No one.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Echo and her mother talk about on the phone?

2. In scene 2, with what does Artie say she has trouble doing?

3. At what point in scene 3 does the audience lose sympathy for Dorothea?

4. How does the play open?

5. How old is Artie when she has her first tutor?

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