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Lee Blessing
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Scene 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Artie named after?
(a) Arthur, her father.
(b) Arthur,her mother's father.
(c) Arthur.
(d) Artemis, the Greco-Roman huntress; the sister of Apollo.

2. How does Dorothea teach her granddaughter?
(a) With banners of Latin and Greek letters.
(b) With a video tape.
(c) With a book of Shakespeare's plays.
(d) With a dictionary.

3. Who raised Echo?
(a) Dorothea.
(b) Echo's father.
(c) Artie.
(d) An orphanage.

4. What was Dorothea's childhood like?
(a) Dorothea had a wonderful childhood filled with love.
(b) Dorothea felt worthless and guilty growing up.
(c) Dorothea's parents doted on Dorothea.
(d) Dorothea had lots of friends and was happy.

5. How old is Artie when she has her first tutor?
(a) 5.
(b) 13.
(c) 2.
(d) 8.

Short Answer Questions

1. At what point in scene 3 does the audience lose sympathy for Dorothea?

2. Why does Dorothea insist that Artie now needs her when Artie calls her the second time in scene 4?

3. Why were Artie and Echo's conversations limited?

4. In reference to Echo and Artie's argument in the beginning of scene 4, what does Echo believe?

5. How many generations of women does this play cover?

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