Objects & Places from Eleemosynary

Lee Blessing
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The Picnic - At this place when she is young and newly married, Dorothea meets a spiritualist who convinces her to become an "eccentric" and shed all social responsibility and live whatever flights of fancy enter her mind.

The Wings - Dorothea fashions these objects, which she expects her daughter, Artie, to use to literally fly.

The Tape - This object is evidence of Artie's attempts to fly.

Alphabet Banners - These objects are teaching aids used by Dorothea on both her infant daughter and her infant granddaughter.

Europe - Artie is offered a job in this place, which she accepts, leaving her daughter with Dorothea and ensuring that she will not see her own child for many years.

The Dictionary - For a long time this object is the only point of connection between Echo and her mother.

The Book Fair - This place is where...

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