Daily Lessons for Teaching Eleemosynary

Lee Blessing
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Lesson 1 (from Scene 1)


Scene 1

The play opens with Echo spelling out the title of the play. The title is very important to the entire play. This lesson will explore the meaning of eleemosynary.


1) Research: Students should research the meaning and origin of eleemosynary. They may use dictionaries, internet, or other classroom resources. Discuss what they discovered in their research. Create a class definition of the word and post for later use. As the remaining scenes of the play are discussed, refer back to this definition and discuss its relevance to the current scene.

2) Partner or small group: Given the title and what you already know about the characters, why did the author choose this title? Brainstorm as many reasons as you can. Add to this list as your study of the play continues.

3) Writing: Which character do you believe embodies the idea of eleemosynary thus far?

4) Homework: Write...

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