Eleemosynary Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Lee Blessing
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Scene 1

• Echo spells out eleemosynary, foreshadowing the importance of the word, of Echo's spelling, and of Artie's relationship to Echo.
• Dorothea has had a stroke and is mute.

• Echo asserts that she can still hear Dorothea speak.
• Artie recalls her mother's attempts to make her fly with homemade wings.

• Artie feels she grew up as Dorothea's guinea pig.
• Dorothea brings up Echo and develops her first love of words.

Scene 2

• Artie admits her neurosis of not being able to touch others, even her own daughter.
• Dorothea teaches Echo about words from Greek and Latin scrolls.

• She used these scrolls to teach Artie when she was an infant, as well.
• Artie states that she never forgets anything.
• Artie disappoints Dorothea by getting pregnant at the age of 18.

• Dorothea coerces Artie into an abortion so that she can still get an education.
• Artie runs away after the abortion.

• Dorothea uses...

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