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Sarah Hall
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Claudia do to Grace's assailant?
(a) Stabs him to death.
(b) Ties him up for the police.
(c) Nearly beats him to death.
(d) Pours acid on him.

2. What does Cy do as Grace walks away?
(a) He wrecks his shop.
(b) He lets out a wolf-like howl and slumps to the ground.
(c) He gets his gun out of the drawer.
(d) He prepares to tattoo an eye on his arm.

3. With what does Grace need help?
(a) Applying ointment to her skin.
(b) Applying for disability.
(c) Finding a new apartment.
(d) Riding Maximus.

4. How can Cy gain insights into Grace's personality?
(a) He can quiz chess devotees unobtrusively about Grace's strategy.
(b) He can ask Maximus.
(c) He can read some psychology books in the library.
(d) He can watch Grace perform.

5. What do the police think about Henry's story?
(a) They know he is lying but don't care.
(b) It doesn't add up, but Sedak is incomprehensible.
(c) They think he is drunk and is covering his own alcohol use on work time.
(d) It all makes sense.

Short Answer Questions

1. By what is Cy riveted?

2. What does the missing guard report when Henry finds him?

3. Where do Claudia and Arturas decide to move and work?

4. Why does Grace say she will find Cy soon?

5. Where is Cy when "Babylon in Brooklyn" opens?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Claudia become to have so many tattoos and to what does that lead Artura and Claudia?

2. What does the narrator say about the light in Brooklyn?

3. How does Cy remember Grace?

4. What does Cy think he sees in a neighboring apartment that makes him question his sanity?

5. What are Sedak's motives in attacking Grace?

6. What does Cy think about Coney Island and how do you interpret that?

7. How does Cy first meet Grace?

8. How is Grace described at the beginning of "The Lady of Many Eyes"?

9. What gives a possible hint to a terrible secret in Grace's past?

10. What secret of Claudia's does Grace hold?

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