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Sarah Hall
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Cy do when Grace stands naked before him for the first time since the assault?
(a) Cy slams his hands down and swears to kill the assailant.
(b) Cy holds her in his arms for an hour.
(c) Cy cannot control his horror and weeps uncontrollably.
(d) Cy turns away unable to look at her.

2. What does Jonesy think is keeping the ladies away from Cy?
(a) Cy's throwback to the 19th-century look is keeping the ladies away.
(b) His gruff manner.
(c) His rough handling of them.
(d) His lack of nice clothes.

3. How can Cy gain insights into Grace's personality?
(a) He can watch Grace perform.
(b) He can quiz chess devotees unobtrusively about Grace's strategy.
(c) He can read some psychology books in the library.
(d) He can ask Maximus.

4. How has Riley eclipsed Reeda?
(a) In that Cy can still see Riley's face in his mind.
(b) He has not eclipsed Reeda.
(c) In the little aphorisms Cy remembers of Riley's.
(d) As Cy's chief means of reckoning.

5. By what is Grace hypnotized?
(a) The murmer of Cy as he reassures his client.
(b) The sound of the waves rolling on the beach.
(c) The sound of the mechanical embroidery.
(d) The sound of Cy humming a hymn.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the poor man's illustrator?

2. What do the skyscrapers do to Cy?

3. What does Grace's paper show?

4. Who owns the Varga Oyster Bar?

5. Why is Claudia obsessed with the baby incubation exhibition?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does tattooing survive change?

2. Why do you think Cy returns to Pedder Street in Morecambe?

3. When Cy is somewhat inebriated in Vargas, he makes what connection between Grace and his mother and how does he react to that connection?

4. How does Cy compare Coney Island to Morecambe?

5. How does Cy remember Grace?

6. Why does Cy not knock on apartment number 104, though it draws him?

7. What gives a possible hint to a terrible secret in Grace's past?

8. Describe the first few days that Cy spends at the hospital.

9. Why does Cy stay open on rainy days and describe one such day.

10. How does Cy first meet Grace?

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