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Sarah Hall
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Coney Island offer anything repulsive, breathtaking, or monstrously new that people are willing to pay to see?
(a) Because it is consumer driven.
(b) Because it is materialistic.
(c) Because it is they only way for misfits to earn a living.
(d) Because it is Coney Island.

2. How does Cy know his neighbors' names?
(a) By the sounds of their accents.
(b) From letters in the foyer mail slots and the smells coming from beneath their doors.
(c) By creating a rhyme of them.
(d) By the name tags on their various work shirts.

3. Who owns the Varga Oyster Bar?
(a) Siamese-twins Mary and Valerie.
(b) Den Jones.
(c) Henry Beausang.
(d) Arturas and Claudia Overas.

4. What does a soldier ask Cy about Grace?
(a) If she is his girlfriend.
(b) From what corner of hell he found her.
(c) If she was there to distract him from the needles.
(d) If she is a customer.

5. Where is Cy when "Babylon in Brooklyn" opens?
(a) In England.
(b) In Italy.
(c) In San Francisco.
(d) On Coney Island.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Arturas?

2. Who are Grace and Maximus?

3. Who sports orange hair and smudged black eyes and wears an oversized dress?

4. What bounces off Claudia like hail from an ox's rump?

5. What do the skyscrapers do to Cy?

Short Essay Questions

1. How had Grace come to be known by some many so that perhaps Sedak knows of her and judges her?

2. Describe the first few days that Cy spends at the hospital.

3. Give a physical and psychological description of Claudia.

4. What does Cy think about Coney Island and how do you interpret that?

5. How does Cy feel about tattooing?

6. When Grace is out of the hospital and visits Cy, how is her body described and how does Cy respond?

7. Why does tattooing survive change?

8. What are Sedak's motives in attacking Grace?

9. How does Claudia become to have so many tattoos and to what does that lead Artura and Claudia?

10. How are tattooists looked at in Coney Island?

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