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Sarah Hall
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 1, The Kaiser and the Queen of Morecambe.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Riley admire about Cy?
(a) His mother.
(b) His imagination and dexterity.
(c) His reticence.
(d) His intelligence.

2. Why does Cy's mother board these "guests"?
(a) She is a saint.
(b) Her husband forces her to do so.
(c) These guests pay her bills.
(d) She believes it is her duty.

3. What does Cy's mother say about the sun's light?
(a) That it is brighter when she is brighter.
(b) That the sun's light does not go out at night but migrates to Ireland and America.
(c) That it is brightest shining through the mist.
(d) That it fades into nothing.

4. Why does Cy climb a building?
(a) To see the burning better.
(b) To find his mother in the crowd.
(c) To hack the villain loose from a flagpole.
(d) To race ahead off the crowd across the rooftops.

5. Where does Cy work?
(a) In a bakery.
(b) In a print shop in the afternoons.
(c) At the stables.
(d) In a blacksmith shop.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Cy realize about life?

2. From what does Cy avert his eyes?

3. Where does Riley take Cy for his first visit to a pub?

4. What does Cy observe in other people's eyes?

5. What can Riley accept?

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