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Short Answer Questions

1. Which character comes more into the forefront of Charlotte and Ottilie's life after Eduard's departure?

2. What is Eduard's plan for his own future?

3. What is the general substance of Ottilie's first journal entry?

4. What is the long-term plan of the new house guest?

5. What is the house guest's suggested remedy for children who do not follow in their parents' footsteps?

Short Essay Questions

1. Whom does Eduard meet when he walks through his own estate, and what is the significance of their meeting?

2. Briefly describe Luciane, Charlotte's daughter from her first marriage.

3. How does Ottilie respond to the tragedy involving herself and Otto?

4. How does Charlotte and Ottilie's relationship change after Otto's death?

5. What is the substance of Eduard's proposition to the Major, and the Major's response to it?

6. Briefly summarize the story the foreign visitor tells to Charlotte and Ottilie.

7. Where does Eduard go to meet Ottilie, and what are the circumstances of their meeting?

8. What decision does Ottilie make that she normally never would, and what are the results of it?

9. What does Eduard plan with the Major regarding their relationships with Charlotte and Ottilie?

10. Describe the circumstances of Ottilie's death.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the themes of sin and repentance in the novel. What kinds of "sins" are displayed throughout the novel, and what acts (if any) of "repentance" are connected to those sins? In which ways do the various characters attempt to repent, and what are they repenting for? Do any characters exemplify the theme of repentance more or less than others? If so, what is the significance of this difference in the various characters' perspectives of repentance? What are the religious and/or moral significance or connotations of repentance?

Essay Topic 2

What roles do religion, faith, God, and fate or predestination play in the novel? How do each of the four main characters seem to approach these things in their daily lives and in their interactions with one another? What is the significance of the restoration of the village church and chapel and of the decorations within? What significance does Otto's baptism and the words and actions of the clergymen involved have to the general themes of faith and religion in the text? How is Nanni's accident at the end of the novel viewed and treated by the people of the village. For the villagers, what do Nanni and Ottilie become? How is Ottilie's character formed in relation to the symbols of specifically the Christian religion?

Essay Topic 3

Examine the significance of Ottilie's death, the circumstances surrounding it, and her specific method of death. What are the indirect and direct causes of her death, and what event or events precipitate her death? Can "starving" be related to any other instance, theme, interaction between characters, or symbol in the novel? Was Ottilie's death and her method of killing herself foreshadowed anywhere else in the novel? Who, if anyone, can be considered culpable in Ottilie's death, if it was a suicide? How does the method of Ottilie's death reflect her characteristic reliance on fate and on her own inaction (or the actions of others) throughout the rest of the novel?

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