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Short Answer Questions

1. What provokes Eduard to cry out that Ottilie loves him?

2. What language do Charlotte and Ottilie speak when they are alone?

3. What general plans do Eduard and the captain have for the estate?

4. Where have the two young women mentioned in Part I, Chapter 1, been living for some years?

5. Whose idea is it to place the pavilion in its precise future spot?

Short Essay Questions

1. Summarize the concept of "elective affinities," and describe how the Captain, Eduard, and Charlotte formulate their discussion of this concept.

2. What does the Baroness discover about Eduard, and how does she react to it?

3. Who is Herr Mittler, and what do Charlotte and Eduard ask for his help with?

4. How does Ottilie and Charlotte's relationship change in Part I, Chapter 17?

5. Where on the estate do the four protagonists increase their work, and for what coming occasion?

6. For what reason does the foursome decide to build a pavilion?

7. Summarize the event which results in Eduard finding himself attracted to Ottilie.

8. What does Eduard decide to do to further his relationship with Ottilie, and how does this attempt end up?

9. What is the general substance of the mason's address during the ceremony of the foundation stone of the pavilion?

10. Why does Charlotte object to Eduard's proposal of bringing the Captain to live at their estate?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Compare and contrast Eduard and the Captain (later the Major). What is the relationship between the two men and does this relationship change over the course of the novel? How are their characters similar, and how do they differ? What informs each man's thoughts, feelings, and decisions? How does each man react to his own desires, and to adversity? Does the narrator describe each man and his respective feelings, thoughts, and actions in any particular way that offers insights or critiques into his character?

Essay Topic 2

What roles do religion, faith, God, and fate or predestination play in the novel? How do each of the four main characters seem to approach these things in their daily lives and in their interactions with one another? What is the significance of the restoration of the village church and chapel and of the decorations within? What significance does Otto's baptism and the words and actions of the clergymen involved have to the general themes of faith and religion in the text? How is Nanni's accident at the end of the novel viewed and treated by the people of the village. For the villagers, what do Nanni and Ottilie become? How is Ottilie's character formed in relation to the symbols of specifically the Christian religion?

Essay Topic 3

Consider the form, style, and content of the novel as a whole. What is the style of narrative discourse in which Goethe generally writes? What type of narrator is Goethe's narrator, and how does he use this figure as a mediation between the story and the reader? What are the effects on the narrative when the narrator occasionally switches verb tense? How does the occasional interspersion of letters and journal entries affect the "flow" of the novel, the reader's perspective of the characters, and the plot itself? How does this story fit into the genre of the novel?

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