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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of the man who often visits the estate?
(a) Mueller.
(b) Schmidt.
(c) Mittler.
(d) Gardner.

2. Where does Eduard live while away from his estate?
(a) In a wing of the Count's mansion.
(b) In a room above the town inn.
(c) In the newly constructed pavilion.
(d) In a farmstead house.

3. What personality trait is notable about Ottilie?
(a) She is very energetic but cannot seem to finish any project.
(b) She is arrogant but somehow still likeable.
(c) She talks rapidly and profusely about nothing of consequence.
(d) She understands the needs of others intuitively.

4. What does Ottilie see as her "everything?"
(a) Her friendship with Charlotte.
(b) Her passion for gardening.
(c) Her love for Eduard.
(d) Her attention to her reading.

5. What general plans do Eduard and the captain have for the estate?
(a) Improving the landscaping on a large scale.
(b) Tearing down the old stables and erect new ones.
(c) Renovating the main house to accommodate Eduard's growing brood.
(d) Cleaning up the grounds and house and prepare the estate for sale.

Short Answer Questions

1. During a stroll around his property with the captain and Charlotte, what activity does Eduard suddenly change his mind about engaging in, and why?

2. In what activities do Charlotte and Ottilie engage the village girls?

3. What does Eduard focus on in his solitude?

4. How does Charlotte respond to Eduard's passion for Ottilie?

5. Where have the two young women mentioned in Part I, Chapter 1, been living for some years?

Short Essay Questions

1. How do the four protagonists' relationships change after Eduard evinces a passion for Ottilie?

2. What confusion does Eduard experience, after conducting the Count to a midnight visit with the Baroness?

3. How does Eduard change in the wake of his realization of his passion for Ottilie?

4. In Part I, Chapter 6, what activity becomes the clear marker of the shifting compatibilities of the four protagonists?

5. What does Eduard decide to do to further his relationship with Ottilie, and how does this attempt end up?

6. Where on the estate do the four protagonists increase their work, and for what coming occasion?

7. Describe Eduard's character, as the narrator paints it early in the novel.

8. Summarize the concept of "elective affinities," and describe how the Captain, Eduard, and Charlotte formulate their discussion of this concept.

9. How does Eduard explain to Mittler how he feels and acts?

10. What changes in the Captain's future situation come to light in Part I, Chapter 14?

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