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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What event does the captain suggest must be celebrated in a special manner?
(a) Ottilie's debutante ball.
(b) Eduard's homecoming.
(c) Charlotte's birthday.
(d) The Captain's wedding.

2. What final decision does Eduard make at the end of Part I?
(a) To commit suicide.
(b) To rejoin the military.
(c) To run away with Ottilie.
(d) To return to Charlotte.

3. How does Eduard view his previous feelings of love, before he loved Ottilie?
(a) As practice for his future seduction of Ottilie.
(b) As necessary endeavors.
(c) As the pinnacles of human feeling.
(d) As mere wastes of time.

4. What objects on Eduard's property are exactly the same age as Ottilie?
(a) The plane trees by the lake.
(b) The peacocks which strut all over the estate.
(c) The moss hut on the hill.
(d) The topiaries in the main garden.

5. Early in the novel, what is the general feeling among the four main occupants of the household?
(a) They increasingly want more time alone instead of together.
(b) They enjoy feelings of mutual affection and goodwill.
(c) They begin to suspect one another of adultery.
(d) They find themselves quarreling over minor matters.

Short Answer Questions

1. What seemingly miraculous event occurs at the completion of the foundation stone ceremony?

2. What is the second main project the male guest of the estate proposes to his hosts?

3. In what activities do Charlotte and Ottilie engage the village girls?

4. What significant physical condition is revealed about Charlotte in Part I, Chapter 18?

5. What does Charlotte resolve to do when she is alone after the kiss with the Captain?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the substance of Charlotte and Eduard's argument at the beginning of Part I, Chapter 16, and how is it resolved?

2. How does Ottilie occupy herself after Charlotte and Eduard's confrontation and Eduard's subsequent actions?

3. Summarize the event which results in Eduard finding himself attracted to Ottilie.

4. Summarize the concept of "elective affinities," and describe how the Captain, Eduard, and Charlotte formulate their discussion of this concept.

5. What does Eduard decide to do to further his relationship with Ottilie, and how does this attempt end up?

6. What event leads to a sexually charged encounter between Charlotte and the Captain, and how does Charlotte react to it?

7. Why does Charlotte object to Eduard's proposal of bringing the Captain to live at their estate?

8. How do the four protagonists' relationships change after Eduard evinces a passion for Ottilie?

9. What does Mittler do regarding Charlotte and Eduard's tense situation?

10. How does Ottilie and Charlotte's relationship change in Part I, Chapter 17?

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