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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What incident prompts the captain and Charlotte to kiss?
(a) Charlotte confesses her dark desires to the captain.
(b) Eduard and the captain duel over Ottilie's affections.
(c) The captain gets the boat stuck and carries Charlotte to safety.
(d) The captain kisses Charlotte to thank her for securing him a job.

2. What is one notable pet peeve of the master of the estate?
(a) When others read over his shoulder.
(b) When others hum off-key when working.
(c) When others talk during meals.
(d) When others do not sing well enough to suit him.

3. What does Eduard's note demand of Charlotte?
(a) That Charlotte treat Ottilie as an equal, not as a lesser relative.
(b) That Charlotte keep Ottilie at the estate and not send her away.
(c) That Charlotte move away from the estate and live as a widow.
(d) That Charlotte send Ottilie to live with her great aunt.

4. What idea of the male guest strikes Charlotte like a "thunderbolt?"
(a) The man feels Ottilie is dull company, and he advises Charlotte to turn her out of the house.
(b) The man suggests that Charlotte and Eduard divorce so they may marry others.
(c) The man advises Charlotte to run away with the Captain since they are clearly in love.
(d) The man would like to recommend the Captain to a position with a high powered friend.

5. What is the general content of the postscript of the headmistress's letter to the mistress of the estate?
(a) Praise for Maria.
(b) Criticism of Ottilie.
(c) Praise for Charlotte.
(d) Criticism of Luciane.

Short Answer Questions

1. What personality trait is notable about Ottilie?

2. What language do Charlotte and Ottilie speak when they are alone?

3. How is the female guest of the estate related to the mistress of the estate?

4. How does Eduard view his previous feelings of love, before he loved Ottilie?

5. What do the Captain and Charlotte resolve to do regarding the landscape improvements?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the Count and the Baroness and the circumstances surrounding them.

2. How does Ottilie and Charlotte's relationship change in Part I, Chapter 17?

3. In Part I, Chapter 6, what activity becomes the clear marker of the shifting compatibilities of the four protagonists?

4. How does Ottilie act around the others when she arrives at the estate?

5. For what reason does the foursome decide to build a pavilion?

6. What does Eduard decide to do to further his relationship with Ottilie, and how does this attempt end up?

7. What does Mittler do regarding Charlotte and Eduard's tense situation?

8. Summarize the events which occur on Ottilie's birthday.

9. Why does Charlotte object to Eduard's proposal of bringing the Captain to live at their estate?

10. Where on the estate do the four protagonists increase their work, and for what coming occasion?

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