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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What letter does the Captain keep secret from his friends?
(a) One from Ottilie to Eduard that is salacious in its content.
(b) One from the mason to the architect concerning the fleecing of Eduard's estate.
(c) One from an officer which reactivates the Captain's military service.
(d) One from the Count containing a most promising job offer.

2. What significant physical condition is revealed about Charlotte in Part I, Chapter 18?
(a) She has consumption.
(b) She experiences mysterious left-side headaches.
(c) She is pregnant.
(d) She can no longer speak.

3. What activity does the male guest propose to his hosts upon his first look at the lands around the estate?
(a) That the trio hire a friend of his for the gardening.
(b) That the trio make a detailed survey of the land.
(c) That the trio return to the comfort of the main house.
(d) That the trio make a journey to the court.

4. What does the female guest find disagreeable in Eduard?
(a) His treatment of Charlotte in front of guests.
(b) His apparent passion for Ottilie.
(c) His inability to carry on rational conversation.
(d) His lack of detail in the landscape planning.

5. What event do the men resolve should mark the celebratory finishing date of their various improvements to the landscape of the estate?
(a) Ottilie's birthday.
(b) The death of Herr Mittler.
(c) The anniversary of the Captain's arrival at the estate.
(d) Charlotte and Eduard's anniversary.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the schoolmaster's second letter say about Ottilie, in general?

2. What nickname do both the master of the estate and his male guest share?

3. What is the general content of the postscript of the headmistress's letter to the mistress of the estate?

4. During a stroll around his property with the captain and Charlotte, what activity does Eduard suddenly change his mind about engaging in, and why?

5. Whose idea is it to place the pavilion in its precise future spot?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who is Herr Mittler, and what do Charlotte and Eduard ask for his help with?

2. Describe Eduard's estate and his, the Captain's, and Charlotte's general plans for it.

3. Describe the Count and the Baroness and the circumstances surrounding them.

4. What counteroffer does Charlotte make to Eduard's proposal of the Captain's visit?

5. How does Ottilie occupy herself after Charlotte and Eduard's confrontation and Eduard's subsequent actions?

6. Summarize the events which occur on Ottilie's birthday.

7. Describe Eduard's and the Captain's interactions with members of the lower social classes.

8. What changes in the Captain's future situation come to light in Part I, Chapter 14?

9. How do the four protagonists' relationships change after Eduard evinces a passion for Ottilie?

10. What confusion does Eduard experience, after conducting the Count to a midnight visit with the Baroness?

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