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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What final decision does Eduard make at the end of Part I?
(a) To run away with Ottilie.
(b) To rejoin the military.
(c) To commit suicide.
(d) To return to Charlotte.

2. What do the Captain and Charlotte resolve to do regarding the landscape improvements?
(a) Expand the project to use up their extra household funds.
(b) Place the entire endeavor on hold until winter is over.
(c) Use their new landscaping expertise to begin their own designing business.
(d) Hurry the work so that Eduard's energies will be more properly restrained.

3. What frightening event mars the celebration Eduard had so carefully planned?
(a) A madman shoots a party guest and runs away
(b) A horse rears, throwing its rider, and striking a few people.
(c) A dam collapses and spills people into the water.
(d) A violent storm frightens the guests.

4. At whom does Eduard lose his temper while making the new plans for the estate?
(a) A captain.
(b) A beggar.
(c) A village girl.
(d) A parson.

5. What event leads Eduard to begin to be physically attracted to Ottilie?
(a) Eduard finds that she has written of him in her diary.
(b) They begin a secret correspondence in which they admit their desires.
(c) Ottilie "accidentally" falls into Eduard's arms in the drawing room.
(d) They take the wrong path and get lost while walking.

6. How do Eduard, Charlotte, and the captain speak of the concept of elective affinities?
(a) In terms of men, women, children, and animals.
(b) In terms of A, B, C, and D.
(c) In terms of apples, oranges, bananas, and pears.
(d) In terms of 1, 2, 3, and 4.

7. What habit does Eduard change as a result of Ottilie's presence and influence?
(a) His habit of pipe smoking.
(b) His way of reading.
(c) His recitation of the day's events.
(d) His attendance at church.

8. Who is married to the owner of the estate?
(a) Charlotte.
(b) Ottilie.
(c) Mathilde.
(d) Luciane.

9. How is the female guest of the estate related to the mistress of the estate?
(a) She is her niece.
(b) She is her daughter.
(c) She is her young cousin.
(d) She is her step-daughter.

10. What provokes Eduard to cry out that Ottilie loves him?
(a) Ottilie stands up to Charlotte's criticisms.
(b) Ottilie returns his letter with one of her own.
(c) Ottilie completes the inventory of the estate.
(d) Ottilie finishes copying a contract.

11. What nickname do both the master of the estate and his male guest share?
(a) Rolf.
(b) Otto.
(c) Augie.
(d) Jules.

12. What does Eduard focus on in his solitude?
(a) His passion for Ottilie.
(b) His desire for death.
(c) His quarrels with Mittler.
(d) His business prospects.

13. Which person is to be another guest at the estate?
(a) Luciane.
(b) Marianne.
(c) Charlotte.
(d) Ottilie.

14. What is one subject of the guests and hosts' conversation during the group's first dinner together?
(a) Ottilie's schooling and her future as a governess.
(b) The new taxation structure favored by the monarchy.
(c) The value of the farmstead and its surrounding fields.
(d) Eduard and Charlotte's early love at court.

15. What letter does the Captain keep secret from his friends?
(a) One from Ottilie to Eduard that is salacious in its content.
(b) One from the mason to the architect concerning the fleecing of Eduard's estate.
(c) One from an officer which reactivates the Captain's military service.
(d) One from the Count containing a most promising job offer.

Short Answer Questions

1. What activity does the male guest propose to his hosts upon his first look at the lands around the estate?

2. What is the name of the man who often visits the estate?

3. Who broaches the subject to Eduard of reconciling with Charlotte?

4. What act of submissiveness does Charlotte warn Ottilie against?

5. What is the second main project the male guest of the estate proposes to his hosts?

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