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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What about the contract Ottilie copied does Eduard find singular and astonishing?
(a) The contract reads as a novel, rather than a legal document.
(b) The last portion of the contract seems to be copied in his own hand.
(c) The entire document is completely illegible.
(d) The contract appears to be entirely in Charlotte's handwriting.

2. What does the female guest find disagreeable in Eduard?
(a) His apparent passion for Ottilie.
(b) His treatment of Charlotte in front of guests.
(c) His inability to carry on rational conversation.
(d) His lack of detail in the landscape planning.

3. What prevents Eduard from going through with his plan to keep Ottilie always near him?
(a) Eduard is unable to secure passage into England for himself and Ottilie.
(b) The first letters between him and Ottilie fall and are picked up by others.
(c) The moss hut begins to crumble and fall apart and is not comfortable as a love-nest.
(d) Ottilie's efforts to distract Charlotte are so transparent that Charlotte suspects them both.

4. What final decision does Eduard make at the end of Part I?
(a) To return to Charlotte.
(b) To rejoin the military.
(c) To run away with Ottilie.
(d) To commit suicide.

5. In what activities do Charlotte and Ottilie engage the village girls?
(a) In organizing political protests of their own working conditions.
(b) In rebuilding the poorhouse for the town's beggars.
(c) In learning to read, write, and do basic mathematics.
(d) In sewing, knitting, and beautifying the village.

6. How do Eduard and Ottilie unexpectedly prove their compatibility with one another?
(a) By playing music together.
(b) By reciting a dramatic scene.
(c) By playing a game of cards.
(d) By engaging in a debate.

7. What activity does the male guest propose to his hosts upon his first look at the lands around the estate?
(a) That the trio make a detailed survey of the land.
(b) That the trio return to the comfort of the main house.
(c) That the trio make a journey to the court.
(d) That the trio hire a friend of his for the gardening.

8. How do Eduard and Charlotte act in front of the others the morning after they sleep together?
(a) As if they are ashamed and contrite of their actions.
(b) As if nothing has passed between them the night before.
(c) As if they are proud to have reaffirmed their love.
(d) As if they are suspicious of the thoughts of others.

9. What incident prompts the captain and Charlotte to kiss?
(a) Charlotte confesses her dark desires to the captain.
(b) Eduard and the captain duel over Ottilie's affections.
(c) The captain kisses Charlotte to thank her for securing him a job.
(d) The captain gets the boat stuck and carries Charlotte to safety.

10. What scientific subject becomes a main object of conversation between the hosts and their male guest?
(a) Geology and its role in determining the location of mineral deposits.
(b) Certain affinities between natural objects.
(c) Astronomy and the movement of the solar system.
(d) The evolution of plant and animal species.

11. What habit does Eduard change as a result of Ottilie's presence and influence?
(a) His attendance at church.
(b) His way of reading.
(c) His recitation of the day's events.
(d) His habit of pipe smoking.

12. What act of submissiveness does Charlotte warn Ottilie against?
(a) Deferring to one's host in conversation.
(b) Lowering one's eyes before royalty.
(c) Walking slowly to accommodate the pace of the elderly.
(d) Stooping to pick up something dropped by a man.

13. What do the Captain and Charlotte resolve to do regarding the landscape improvements?
(a) Use their new landscaping expertise to begin their own designing business.
(b) Place the entire endeavor on hold until winter is over.
(c) Hurry the work so that Eduard's energies will be more properly restrained.
(d) Expand the project to use up their extra household funds.

14. What is the name of Charlotte's daughter?
(a) Ottilie.
(b) Luciane.
(c) Gertrude.
(d) Nanni.

15. What language are the household servants ignorant of?
(a) Italian.
(b) French.
(c) German.
(d) English.

Short Answer Questions

1. What building do the companions find, with pleasure, that can easily hold all four of them?

2. What is notable about the letters Eduard writes to Ottilie?

3. What building has been completed for the celebration planned by Eduard and the Captain?

4. What event leads Eduard to begin to be physically attracted to Ottilie?

5. What incites Eduard to make a passionate visit to Charlotte?

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