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Russell Freedman
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Franklin tell Eleanor on September 2, 1939?
(a) That Germany had invaded Poland.
(b) That Japan had invaded China.
(c) That the Japanese had attacked Pearl Harbor.
(d) That he was losing his health.

2. Which improvement were women NOT trying to make when Eleanor Roosevelt was working with the Women's Democratic News?
(a) Giving women the vote.
(b) Limiting hours of the work week.
(c) Ending child labor.
(d) Giving women the right to organize in labor unions

3. What did Eleanor attribute to Esther Lape and Elizabeth Read?
(a) Her ability to speak up to her mother-in-law.
(b) Her triumph over shyness.
(c) Her devotion to her husband.
(d) Her political awakening.

4. What was Franklin Roosevelt in charge of in Europe?
(a) Closing U.S. naval bases.
(b) Reconstruction.
(c) Diplomacy.
(d) Establishing U.S. bases.

5. How does Freedman characterize conversations at the White House?
(a) The children would interrupt Franklin or Eleanor Roosevelt if they didn't agree.
(b) There was always a respectful silence when the President and First Lady spoke.
(c) The President and First Lady would pick their visitors' brains for information and observations.
(d) Eleanor would throw people out of they disagreed with her.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Freedman say the Roosevelts would invite to the White House?

2. How does Freedman characterize the bond between Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt?

3. Where did Eleanor travel to visit troops?

4. How does Freedman say the trip to see troops affected Eleanor Roosevelt?

5. What does Freedman say were Eleanor Roosevelt's feelings about war?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Franklin Roosevelt's progress from paralyzed New York politician to candidate for President.

2. How does Freedman describe the role Eleanor stepped into in the family after her husband was paralyzed?

3. Describe the crisis surrounding Lucy Mercer.

4. How did Eleanor develop as a public speaker?

5. Where does Freedman say Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt differed politically?

6. Describe Franklin Roosevelt's illness and paralysis.

7. Why did Franklin Roosevelt end up taking a third term as President?

8. What did Eleanor Roosevelt do to help women, as First Lady?

9. How did Eleanor Roosevelt's role change in Franklin's second term as President?

10. What was Eleanor Roosevelt's part in the National Youth Administration?

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