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Russell Freedman
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Eleanor Roosevelt co-direct with Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia?
(a) The League of Women's Voters.
(b) The USO.
(c) The Office of Civilian Defense.
(d) The Communication Corps.

2. What was Eleanor Roosevelt's suspicion about the Democratic Party's interest in women's rights?
(a) They were just trying to use the female vote.
(b) They did not really want give women a say.
(c) They were using the women's issues to distract from other more politically awkward issues.
(d) They wanted to make token gestures, but ultimately prevent women from having rights.

3. What does Freedman say was a contentious issue between Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt?
(a) Civil rights.
(b) Women's rights.
(c) Employment programs for the poor.
(d) The U.N.

4. What does Freedman say Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt saw in Europe?
(a) Resistance to industrialism.
(b) Hope and rebuilding.
(c) Socialism taking hold.
(d) Death and destruction.

5. What did Eleanor Roosevelt work with a private coach to improve?
(a) Her public speaking.
(b) Her driving.
(c) Her writing.
(d) Her sense of diplomacy and propriety.

Short Answer Questions

1. What communities did Eleanor Roosevelt provide political access to for her husband?

2. Why did Franklin Roosevelt expand the size of the federal government?

3. What was it that paralyzed Franklin Roosevelt?

4. What did Eleanor appeal for in the face of Nazi oppression?

5. What did Franklin tell Eleanor on September 2, 1939?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the Roosevelts' experience in Europe after the Great War.

2. How would Eleanor go about trying to influence the President on issues she had feelings about?

3. What was Eleanor Roosevelt's part in the National Youth Administration?

4. How does Freedman describe the White House as it was occupied by Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt?

5. How does Freedman describe Eleanor Roosevelt's career through Franklin's first term as President?

6. What was the outcome of the affair with Lucy Mercer?

7. Describe Eleanor's experience teaching at the Todhunter school.

8. Describe Eleanor's relationship with the black community.

9. How did Eleanor develop as a public speaker?

10. In what way was Eleanor Roosevelt unlike previous First Ladies?

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