Eleanor Roosevelt: A Life of Discovery Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Russell Freedman
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Chapter One: First Lady

• Eleanor Roosevelt had not wanted to be First Lady, but she rose to the challenge.
• Challenges had been Eleanor's instructors in the past, as her parents died by the time she was ten.
• According to Freedman, there was an aura around Eleanor Roosevelt, and she led people to believe that they could make valuable contributions to the world.

Chapter Two: Poor Little Rich Girl

• As a child, Eleanor Roosevelt was aware of not being as beautiful as her mother, and she was nicknamed 'Granny' for her old-fashioned ways.
• Eleanor's parents had married in 1883, and their marriage united to prominent families.
• Alcoholism ran in the family, though, and it killed her father at around the same time that her mother died of diphtheria.

Chapter Three: Mademoiselle Souvestre

• At Allenswood in London, Eleanor Roosevelt met Mlle. Souvestre, who opened her mind to literature and culture.
• Returning...

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