Eleanor & Park Character Descriptions

Rainbow Rowell
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Park Sheridan

This character is a 16-year-old when the story begins. He is the son of a Korean mother and American father and is very conscious of his ethnicity.

Eleanor Jackson

This character recently was reunited with her family after living with another family for almost a year following a fight with her stepfather. She is a large girl compared to many her age and has bright red hair which makes her the target of jokes and teasing.


This character teases the red-headed protagonist on the bus, along with her boyfriend. She is very popular and seems to believe that means she has the right to be mean.


This character is something of a brash bully. He enjoys working on cars and spends most of his time in his garage.

Min-Dae (Mindy)

This character is Korean by birth and moved to the United States after marrying. She...

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