Eleanor & Park Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Rainbow Rowell
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Chapters 1-8

• In Chapter 1, Park is on the school bus as usual; it's chaotic, with a teenager named Steve leading most of the conversation along with his girlfriend, Tina.

• Steve points out Park's appearance and says Park's mother is Chinese, meaning he should know about something Steve calls “Drunken Monkey karate.”

• Tina corrects Steve, saying Park's mother is Korean.

• The conversation is interrupted by the arrival of a new girl on the bus with bright red and wild hair.

• The girl’s clothes are not those of a traditional teenage girl, and no one will allow her to sit with them.

• Park sees that the girl is about to cry and scoots over, giving her part of his seat.

• In Chapter 2, Eleanor thinks about the possibilities of avoiding the bus ride home.

• Eleanor doesn't know how to get home on foot, her mother doesn't have a phone or...

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