Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine Short Essay - Answer Key

Honeyman, Gail
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1. What shocking piece of information does Eleanor tell the doctor in her appointment?

In the doctor’s appointment, Eleanor complains of back pain and tells him that she suspects the reason for her back pain is the weight of her breasts. Eleanor tells the doctor that she used a kitchen scale to weight them both, which completely shocks the doctor.

2. How does Eleanor react when she overhears her co-workers calling her “weird” and making fun of her?

When Eleanor hears her co-workers laughing at her and talking behind her back, she primarily responds by thinking something is strange about them. In fact, she cannot see how her behavior is strange. Eleanor also laughs at some of their jokes, almost as if she admires how odd she must be from their perspective.

3. Why does Eleanor lie to Raymond about needing to go to the doctor's office?

Eleanor lies to Raymond because she feels uncomfortable talking with him and thinks he is a little odd. Eleanor lacks some social skills and thinks it will be easier to lie to him.

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